SimpleSudo 2016-01-07

Force players to say anything, or perform any command! (Active)

  1. Jordanrracer
    SimpleSudo is a small, efficient, and fun plugin to force any player online on your server to perform a command. You can also force them to say anything!

    You must have either OP status on your server, or the permission "simpleSudo.*" in order to use this plugin's commands.

    Donating will help me keep interest in maintaining my projects. I'm a university student who only develops plugins for fun his limited free time. I will try to be active for as long as I can as long as I have support! Enjoy SimpleSudo to its fullest.

    • Permissions (use simpleSudo.*) to be able to use the plugin.
    • Commands can be used from the client (as a Player), or from the server console!
    /sudo or /simpleSudo
    - Check if a specific player on your server is online or not

    /sudo help
    - Shows you information about the plugin. Commands, etc.

    /sudo <Player_Name>
    - Checks to see if a player is online or not.

    /sudo <Player_Name> <MSG or Command>
    - Forces a player that's online, on your server to say something or perform a command.

    /sudo disable
    - Disables the plugin, and can only be re-enabled if the server restarts. (Good for plugin control)


    Please contact me if you experience any issues, or if you would like to make a suggestion!