SimpleSuffix 2.0

Let users create their own suffixes and prefixes

  1. Staartvin
    (Follow me on Twitter for updates!) Simple Suffix is a very simple plugin. It lets players set their own custom suffix or prefix. Admins can control the layout. This can be used on servers that have a donator rank. A donator can set its own suffix/prefix but is limited to layout by admins. As an admin, you define how the suffix/prefix looks in the config. This plugin is based on permissions. If an admin doesn't like a suffix/prefix of a player, he can perform /suffix player:<playername> <suffix> to set their suffix or /prefix player:<playername> <prefix> to change the prefix!

    • Create simple suffixes with just one command!
    • Handy for servers with donator ranks.
    • Supports all colours.
    • Simple, lightweight plugin.
    • Admins can control the suffixes or prefixes
    • Permissions
    • Character limit for a suffix or prefix
    • Database support
    • Support for censored words
    • Multiworld support
    • Automated tab features (can automatically fill in data for you)
    • Supports all text-formatting such as &r, &k, &l, &m, &n and &o.
    • - simplesuffix.set.suffix.self Allows a player to set their own suffix.
    • - simplesuffix.set.suffix.other Allows a player to set someone else's suffix.
    • - simplesuffix.set.prefix.self Allows a player to set their own prefix.
    • - simplesuffix.set.prefix.other Allows a player to set someone else's prefix.
    • - simplesuffix.format.random Allows a player to use '&k'.
    • - simplesuffix.format.bold Allows a player to use '&l'.
    • - simplesuffix.format.strike Allows a player to use '&m'.
    • - simplesuffix.format.underlined Allows a player to use '&n'.
    • - simplesuffix.format.italic Allows a player to use '&o'.
    • - simplesuffix.format.reset Allows a player to use '&r'.
    • - simplesuffix.colours Allows a player to use colours.
    • - simplesuffix.colors Allows a player to use colours. (For American users)
    • - simplesuffix.suffix.bypass.censor Allows a player to bypass the censor for their suffix.
    • - simplesuffix.prefix.bypass.censor Allows a player to bypass the censor for their prefix.
    • /suffix <suffix> Set your own suffix.
    • /suffix player:<playername> <suffix> Set someones suffix.
    • /suffix off/clear Clear your own suffix.
    • /suffix player:<playername> off/clear Clear someones suffix.
    • /suffix player:<playername> world:<world> <suffix> Set the suffix of a player on a specific world.
    • /prefix <prefix> Set your own prefix.
    • /prefix player:<playername> <prefix> Set someones prefix.
    • /prefix off/clear Clear your own prefix.
    • /prefix player:<playername> clear Clear someones prefix.
    • /prefix player:<playername> world:<world> <prefix> Set the prefix of a player on a specific world.
    • Vault is necessary to run Simple Suffix!
    • A permissions plugin which supports chat (PEX, bPermissions)

    Staartvin sets his own suffix to 'The Chosen One' in blue.


    Staartvin shows off his suffix.

    I'm a poor student and I'm developing this plugin in my free-time, if you like my plugin and want to help me, please donate. Donating is the best way to help me out, it goes towards more bug-fixing. Thanks! Donate button is below. ;)

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Recent Reviews

  1. SimpPixel
    Version: 2.0
    Hello, so I am trying to set up suffixes for my server, but they only work in the world that the command was done in. Unless I choose a world by doing /suffix player:Jhuly world:world <EXAMPLE> then I will have a suffix in that chosen world, in this case, "world". Plugins in use are SimpleSuffix and Multiverse, if you want a picture of all my plugins, I can send that through too.
  2. DarkYT2
    Version: 2.0
    Excellent plugin !!!!! Good job and thx :) This plugin very much will help my server:)
  3. BitCash
    Version: 2.0
    this is probably the worst plugin, ive ever used. All it did was permenantly ruin my permissionsEx prefixes and I cant change them even if I remove the plugin. I dont reccomend it to anyone at all and Im super mad that all it did was ruin my servers chat.
  4. DinPro
    Version: 2.0
    Crashed my server with the string thing! .....................................................
  5. rareshutzu
    Version: 2.0
  6. wmillerrules
    Version: 2.0
    This is a great plugin, and even better that it's free. I've tested this thoroughly and have found no errors or bugs. What a great plugin! One suggestion would be a color blacklist.
  7. RustyDagger
    Version: 2.0
    Works great, 4 out of 5 because its lacking a Color blacklist / permissions. Some of us Hate some colors like black. preventing means less moderating.
    1. Staartvin
      Author's Response
      I can add those in!