SimpleTimeLock 1.0.1

Simple Time Lock for your server!

  1. lackoSK

    Terms of Service
    §1 I retain all rights and do not permit distribution, reproduction, or derivative works.
    §2 The software is provided as it is, without any warranties on its functionality. I do my best to give honest and accurate customer support, but please be aware of the human factor.
    §3 Refunds are given within 14 days of your purchase if the plugin does not work on your server and you have contacted us and we were not able to resolve your issue.
    §4 One purchase per one (1) Minecraft server, or one (1) instance of a bungee network.
    §5 By purchasing this plugin you agree to receive an automated email broadcast about important changes and updates. You can unsubscribe at any time.
    §6 Reverse engineering and decompiling the plugin is prohibited.
    §7 I can't physically prevent you from putting the plugin on the internet, but you may receive a significant amount of stress from legal issues and it's scientifically proven that stress shorten one's life and in worst case may lead to a heart attack.

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