SimpleVision v1.2

A simple night vision

  1. gUnit

    This plugin is very simple and lightweight. It has minimal coding and is perfect for Prison servers or any servers that need night vision toggling with one simple command. This toggles an infinite night vision

    Commands and Permissions
    • /nv - Toggle night vision
    • nv.allow - Allow to toggle night vision
    • Customizable messages
    • Infinite night vision (toggle)
    Planned Features:
    • Customizable command
    • Suggestions?

    The config is so basic, a stupid baby can configure it. Here it is. it supports color code (&e, &b, etc...) and uses the ''

    # NightVision
    # Developed by gUnit

    OnMsg: '&9NightVision> &8&oNight Vision is &a&lON'
    OffMsg: '&9NightVision> &8&oNight Vision is &c&lOFF'
    NoPermMsg: '&fUnknown Command. Type /help for help'

    Bugs or Issues

    You can PM me the bugs or just go to discussion area. To avoid bugs, use Java 8_45 and PaperSpigot-1.8.6 LATEST. If u want another recompilation or a new java version, PM me. It will cost a small teeny amount ($10 max)

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