SimpleWilderness 2.1

Randomly Teleport To The Wilderness Within Set Coordinates.

  1. MrCreationist
    SimpleWilderness is the perfect plugin if you are looking for an efficient way to teleport around the world. When you enter the command /wild, It will randomly teleport you within set coordinates. (Coded In Plugin 4000x5000

    Upcoming Features:
    *Factions Support!
    [Completed/Not 100% Sure]Teleport To Safe Locations (Not Lava,Cactus)
    *Much More!

    Notice: This is my first plugin so please be patient with updates as I am a beginner. Also Anyone with experience who would like to help with the development of this plugin private message me! Thanks for viewing/Using this plugin and I hope you can leave some feedback below!

Recent Reviews

  1. DropDeadGaming
    Version: 2.1
    To everyone asking for more updates on the plugin, the plugin creator has abandoned this plugin due to time consumption. Read the most recent update.
  2. NortherDogAJ
    Version: 2.1
    Good plugin. But you need to add a configuration where you can set a cooldown for each time you do the ./wild command. And a permission to bypass the cooldown, And in the configuration be able to add a message and change the prefix, etc.
  3. lix
    Version: 2.1
    Works as said but needs a config(I see the comment saying you need time), But not only the config would be nice along with the editable message but also a max and min range. :) You should also allow us to the source code... I could edit this and it would be nice if I could thx :) 4/5
  4. Unsmart
    Version: 2.1
    Very good but I want to be able to put my own message and when doing /wild they spawned underground If you do change this I will give it 5 stars!
  5. PTsandro
    Version: 2.0
    Nice Plugin. But please make a config file so we can make our own messages when they use the command :)
    1. MrCreationist
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback! Im currently busy with work ect and am new to Java so please allow some time :)
  6. RageRealms
    Version: 2015-07-18
    Decent plugin. 4/5 It doesn't have as many features as other wilderness plugins but it does the job.
    1. MrCreationist
      Author's Response
      Thanks For The Review! Ill be learning new features so please be patient and Ill see what I can do :)