SimplixCore - Next level development framework 1.0.30

Crush boilerplate code, bring DI to the next level, develop software fast and reliable

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  1. 1.0.30
  2. 1.0.29
  3. 1.0.28

Recent Reviews

  1. DokanBoter
    Version: 1.0.27
    The best Framework I've ever seen for Minecraft. A very responsive team that fixes bugs very quickly and helps with learning. By the way, very good documentation.
  2. Butzlabben
    Version: 1.0.21
    This library is just awesome. It attempts to fix most problems a normal bukkit/spigot developer has. For example the libraries feature is just awesome. Well crafted and quality made development framework.
  3. Xefreh
    Version: 1.0.0
    This is the most advanced development framework i've seen in minecraft. there are everything you need to create plugins into simplixcore. Big vouch to leonhard and exceptionflug for this wonderful framework. (ps: if you need a menu library, they also have something called Cirrus which is pretty nice).