SingleSleeper [1.16.x] v1.3

A simple sleeping tool

  1. LouiDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Are you tired of waiting for other players to enter the bed?
    Well, this is the perfect plugin for you! This plugin will skip the night but only one player will have to enter a bed. It doesen't matter how many people are online, just one has to sleep.

    The plugin was tested in 1.16.4 but should work in every 1.16 versions.

    v1.3: Just a little new feature (Not needed if you just want the older versions but with no issues.)
    v1.2: Recommended
    v1.1: Fixed Main Issues
    v1.0: Release

    Admin Commands:
    Version v1.0 - 1.X:

    - /togglesleeper This command will toggle if the plugin is activ or not.

    Version v1.3 and above:
    - /customizeerror [Message]: Changes the message being sent when trying to enter a bed while daytime.

    Additional Information:
    When you join with admin permissions, you receive a message which tells wheter the plugin is active or not.
    The same goes when entering a bed.

    Customizeable Messages:
    You can now change the message wich gets sent when trying to enter a bed while daytime using the explained command from above!

    I highly recommend only downloading the latest version otherwise unexpected issues can occurre!
    Due to the fact that I'm still working on this plugin, older versions may not even work as they should!

    Also: Thanks for >250 Downloads <3
    (If you want to support me: review this plugin)

    This is just a simple Plugin, so there is not much information I can provide.

    (Here my second plugin)

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  1. Customizeable Messages are here!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Loui0815
    Version: v1.3
    Very simple concept, but very useful at the same time!

    The first two versions don't work properly, but the two latest work perfectly fine with no issues!
    Good job :D