[Sk] TripwirehookDupeFix 1.0.0

Fix a minecraft bug that makes it possible to duplicate tripwire hooks

  1. MattyHD0
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
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    - Skript

    ¿How does it work?
    TripwirehookDupeFix has 2 functions
    1) Block all attempts by the player when he tries to place a tripwire hook in a trapdoor
    2) If the player for some magic reason sets the tripwire hook, by pressing the string it detects if the tripwire hook is in a trapdoor, if it is deleted

    Code (Text):
        prefix: &4&lTDF: &r

        cancelPhysics: &ePossible duplicate/place attempt, player(s) nearby: &c%{_atd.dupeList::*}% &e(%{playerNearbyDetection}%&e blocks)
        noNearbyPlayers: &cNone

        noPermission: &cYou do not have permissions to execute this command

        notifications: true

        version: 1.0.0

        playersNearbyDetection = 10
    Code (Text):
    /tdf version - tdf.admin
    /tdf reload - tdf.reload

    tdf.notify - Notifies user with permission in question when someone tries to place/duplicate


    Without TripwirehookDupeFix

    With TripwirehookDupeFix