SkBee [Skript-Addon] 1.11.4

A simple solution to make your server more bold!

  1. The Cave Update [1.11.0]

    - dropped legacy server (1.12.2 and below) support
    - updated NBT for MC 1.17

    - removed 'reduce debug' effect (too hard to keep up-to-date)

    - SkBee no longer supports 1.12.2 and below. This is due to the amount of messy code to try keep this plugin working across 2 very different APIs. IF you require 1.12.2 or below support, please consider using SkBee 1.10.x
    - Structure support does not currently work for MC 1.17. This is not a bug, I am just waiting on the structure API to be updated (I have no ETA for this).
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