SkCAD 0.6

Printing and riding armor stand models from blocks using math in Skript

  1. Death_Source
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Skillsbo and oToght for helpful insight
    If you already downloaded this before- please check updated Dependencies or else many parts of the code will not work.
    Update: due to 1.17, the new version (1.6) of SkCAD does not feature any vehicle features anymore. Skacket and ProtLib no longer needed.

    This script is a culmination of over a month's work using vectors, armor stand NBTs, and many other features of Skript in order to absolutely obliterate the boundaries of regular block placements.

    Join our discord link here:
    We showcase different models we made, give support, and you can see other projects I'm working on if you want!

    Before proceeding, please keep in mind that this is still in testing. I will be improving it in the future and making it into a more formal resource.

    - Save models in an easy-to-use software (read Quick Tutorial below)
    - Paste models in ANY horizontal rotation
    - Ride and move models of size 3 and 4
    - Four different sizes of models.
    - Easy to modify functions, clean code, and barely affects server performance.
    - Tools to move and rotate large builds in the software.
    (For below 1.6)
    -Functions to teleport models to locations using their model uuids. Functions such as teleportModel and getUUID are fairly easy to use, only attempt to use this if experienced at skript.

    - Skript (+2.5)
    - SkBee (+1.10)
    The rest only applies for 1.16.5 on versions below 1.6 of SkCAD.
    - ProtocolLib (4.5.1 build, download at - not the newer version. Ignore if on Minehut.)
    -Skacket (+1.0.5)

    /SkCAD configure - configures software.
    /SkCAD list - lists all models.
    /SkCAD removemodel (model) - clears all blocks that have that kind of
    /SkCAD removenear (number) - kills armor stands in a certain radius
    /SkCAD load (model) - loads a certain model at your location and orientation
    /SkCAD ver - sends version of SkCAD
    /SkCAD clearmodels - clears ALL models and variables
    /SkCAD deletesoftware - deletes the software. Can be reactivated simply by doing /skcad configure.
    /SkCAD resetblocks - resets blocks in the software world.
    /SkCAD resetmodels - resets models in the software world.
    /SkCAD settings [(model)] - opens settings for the current model or specified model
    /SkCAD structure (model) - loads a structure that moves around you constantly. Rotations are still a work in progress, same applies for the preview tool. Currently not updated, not sure how it'll run.
    /SkCAD tp - teleports you to the software world as well as prepares your inventory.
    /SkCAD removetarget - removes targetted model

    Quick Tutorial:
    1. After having reloaded the script, go in-game and do '/SkCad Configure'. This will start setting up the software, and in a few seconds (if everything works fine) you will be sent to a world specifically made for the modelling.
    2. Get accustomed to your different tools. They each have a specific purpose. Keep in mind that doing 'SkCAD tp' will always set your inventory to this and teleport you to the software area.
    3. Start building!
    4. Once you have a build made and named, save it.
    5. You can load it using the command /SkCAD Load (name). Sizes can be changed using the Options tool.
    (Number 7 only works for 1.16.5 and below, on versions below 1.6 of SkCAD)
    7. For seats: change the option 'seat' in the top of the script to whatever kind of block you want to be the seat block. When right-clicking on a model, you will then start riding the nearest seat block- only if your model is size 3 or 4. You can move it by using arrow keys, spacebar to go up and press F to go down. Speeds optimizeable in settings.

    Advice and Warnings:
    - If you downloaded SkBee on your server previously to the december update: set 'world-creator' from false to true in the SkBee config.
    - Selecting certain tools will show a particle boundary box (if enabled) around the current block selection in the software.
    - Having too many armor stands cause lots of FPS lag. Make sure to optimize your .ymls in terms of entity handling... there's many things you can do but one thing is disabling armor stand ticking. I would limit 15k armor stands in a radius of 200 or so, just for performance.
    - I heavily advise against using stairs or any blocks with facings that you want to keep. These tend to get messed up in certain scenarios, play around with it if you like but chances are they won't come out like you want them to.
    - Avoid using seats on size 1 and 2 models, placement is inaccurate depending on facing.
    - If you need any help, join the discord link at the top or in the script!

    Thank you!

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Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility with 1.17
  2. Variables conflicts
  3. Other small bug fixes

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  1. TheDevDude
    Version: 0.4.1
    1 word, I love it. This is the best and by far the best of the best even better than the best that said it was the best when it wasn’t the best but people thought it was the best. yk?
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      right? i spent like 5 hours on this hopefully it picks up a bit more traction. but this is some unseen stuff on skript hopefully ppl realize that
  2. Tacoshell
    Version: 0.2.2
    wtf. how did you make a skript that good, that takes some skill lol

    keep it up lmao
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Looking forward to a proper release in a few weeks with tons of new additions to the code. Adding new features each day
  3. Jaeger_Danger
    Version: 0.1.0
    In my opinion this is one of the rare cases where a script should cost money. Well done
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      I believe all scripts in resources are made by the community, and for the community :) charging money takes away from that and you're just doing it for monetary gain. But thank you!
  4. TheDevDude
    Version: 0.1.0
    IM CRYING THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD. This plugin is truly amazing and I am astounded.
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It means a lot :D join the discord if you wanna see more :)
  5. Crazycow30
    Version: 0.1.0
    This is pretty cool I really can't wait to see more stuff from you in the future <3
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      Thanks jackson :p
  6. rOGContent
    Version: 0.1.0
    This is one of the best scripts out there, ik when you paste it it will make armor stands and prob lag the server but this is a good script 100%
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      is- is it- 2020 himself?? Also thank you for the review man I appreciate it :D