SkCommandSync 1.0 release

run a command from one server to another server

  1. i998979
    run a command from a server to another server

    I am i998979
    today i bring you guys a brand new skript that have no one did it before.
    What it does?
    It can be a bungeecord skript, server network skript
    And it's main feature is:
    Sync the command from a server to another server

    sync a command from server A to server B
    infinite channel you can use
    different kind of database support (MySQL, SQLite, CSV)
    execute the command via console

    /sync help: show the skript help
    /sync <channel name> <command>: execute a command to specify channel

    Skript 2.1.2+
    a database that all your server are connected to

    In this part, I will show you to use MySQL as the require database
    1. install xampp
    2. you MUST install apache and mysql or this will not work
    3. go to
    4. click users
    5. add a custom account with a password, remember to give this account full permission (or specify permission that skript database needed)
    6. open /plugins/skript/
    7. scroll down to database.database 1.type
    8. change the type to MySQL
    9. set to this setting
    Code (Text):

            #must be true or the skript do not work
            monitor changes: true
            #do not set this under 5 seconds or the skript will not work because the variable cannot be saved
            monitor interval: 5 seconds
    10. under MySQL Configuration, set the correct ip, account name, password and the database name
    11. save it
    12. put my skript in to your skript/scripts
    13. edit the channel that are distinct
    14. save it
    15. do the process from 6. to 11. at the servr that you need to install this skript
    If you really don't know how to set it up, here is the example
    (I removed all description so you can see it clearly)
    Code (Text):

    # ==== Variables ====
        #never mind what name you set
        database 1:
            #must be MySQL if you use the MySQL database
            type: MySQL
            #if you set below to db_.*, all the variables starts with db_ with be saved into this database
            pattern: .*
            #must be enabled or the skript will not work properly
            monitor changes: true
            #do not set it less than 5 seconds, or the console will send you a error
            monitor interval: 5 seconds
            # == MySQL configuration ==
            #if your database is in localhost, then set the host to localhost or
            host: localhost
            #default is 3306, do not edit this if you don't know what are you doing
            port: 3306
            #the account name that you created above
            user: minecraft
            #the password that you created above
            password: 123456
            #the name is up to you, just let the skript to identify it
            database: skript




    Test Server
    currently none :D, if you use this in your server, just pm me and i will add it here