skHWID 1.1.6

Convert UTF-8 String to Hex.

  1. p_X1_a
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.12
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    This plugin is Skript Addon for Skript 2.2 dev-25.
    This addon is based on the concept of "It would be nice if we could do more things with Skript". It also inherits features from other addons that didn't work on my environment.
    The specific features are described in GitHub's ReadMe. Updated the source code and ReadMe on GitHub (as of 1.1.6) If there's a feature you'd like to see, let us know on Discord. Maybe we can implement it.

    Translated by DeepL
    Code (Text):

    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] uptime
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] user
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] stepping
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] border size of %world name%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] get date from %system millis%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] [system] nanotime
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] [system] board
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] jvm cpuload
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] system cpuload
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] (create|make) (screen|window) size of %width%, %height% with title %string% with color %red%, %green%, %blue%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] (create|make) alert of %message%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] server version
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] jvm name
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] %player% isflying
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] %player% id
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] %plugin name% is enabled
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] upper string from %string%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] lower string from %string%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] cbrt of %number%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] fact of %long%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] [server] event-log
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] [server] event-level
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] [server] event-sender
    (1.0.a+)[skHWID] (delete|cancel) %player%'s (knockback|kb|velocity)
    (1.0.a+)[skHWID] get hotbar slot of %player%
    (1.0.a+)[skHWID] get item name from slot %long% of %player%['s inventory]
    (1.0.a+)[skHWID] get item from slot %long% of %player%['s inventory]
    (1.0.a+)[skHWID] (get|inventory) clicked type
    (1.0.1+)[skHWID] hex from %string%
    (1.0.1+)[skHWID] str[ing] from %string%
    (1.0.1+)[skHWID] hex as bin[ary] %string%
    (1.0.1+)[skHWID] entity %entity% is alive
    (1.0.2+)%string% parsed as bigint[eger]
    (1.0.2+)%string% parsed as (bigdec[imal]|bignum[ber])
    (1.0.3+)[skHWID] get (b[yte]|kb[yte]|mb[yte]) file (size|length) of %path_string%
    (1.0.3+)[skHWID] get file name of %path_string%
    (1.0.4+)[skHWID] can %player% see %player%
    (1.0.7+)[skHWID] [file]crc %string%
    (1.0.7+)[skHWID] [file]md5 %string%
    (1.0.8+)[skHWID] check whitelist
    (1.0.8+)[skHWID] whitelist has %offlineplayer%
    (1.1.0+)[skHWID] %player% (use|using) vpn
    (1.1.0+)[skHWID] %player%'s country
    (1.1.1+)[skHWID] displayed name of %player%
    (1.1.5+)[skHWID] g[eneral]info[rmation] %long%
    Code (Text):

    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] set ping of %player% to %long%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] run gc
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] delete %player%'s stuck arrow
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] send %player% title %string% with subtitle %string%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] drop fix %itemtype% at %location%
    (1.0.1+)[skHWID] (create|make) image contents %string% with font %string% with size %font_size% named %file_name% at %path%
    (1.0.2+)[skHWID] (delete|kill) entity %entity%
    (1.0.2+)[skHWID] create dust with r[ed] %long% g[reen] %long% b[lue] %long% at %location% at speed %number% and count %long% for %player%
    (1.0.8+)[skHWID] spigot setCollides[WithEntities] of %player% to %boolean%
    (1.1.4+)[skHWID] update water at %location%
    (1.1.5+)[skHWID] pic[ture]load %string%
    (1.1.5+)[skHWID] p[ixel]get %string% at %long% and %long%
    (1.1.6+)[skHWID] b[uffer]get %long% and %long%
    Code (Text):

    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] %object% != %object%
    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] %object% == %object%
    Code (Text):

    (1.0.0+)[skHWID] [server] log