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  1. Proskillapi Alpha

    Proskillapi no longer uses McCore, you'll need to start using the new Promccore available here.

    You need to add the following code to your config.yml.

    Code (Text):
      chat-enabled: true
      scoreboards-enabled: true

      command-cooldown-message: "&4Please wait &6{time} seconds &4before using the command again."
    • Replaces McCore with Promccore
    • Dropped support for 1.12
    • Fixed commands with usernames
    • Issue #47 fixed, Command Mechanic: #47
    • Issue #43 fixed, Scoreboard not working: #43
    • Fixed /class reload
    • Fixed issue #51 (placeholderapi) #51
    • Fixed issue #38 ("/class forcecast" command)
    • Scoreboard improved using reflection, should fix the error that was showing up in console
    • Fix for using the /class help command, you can now switch pages again using /class help 2, 3, etc
    • Fix for armorstands getting stuck in the world when the player dies
    • Fixed some other minor issues
    • Cleaned up some code
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