SkillAPI v3.103

Flexible class and skill system with mass configuration and unique menus and features!

  1. Eniripsa96
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Eniripsa96, LGCMcLovin


    Latest is compatible with 1.7.x-1.12.x servers


    • Easily create your own skills and classes
    • Robust editor to make skills without any code
    • Easy to use API for programmers to tap into
    • Create classes and subclasses
    • Create other types of classes, including races
    • Highly configurable for every aspect of the plugin
    • Many options for casting, such as skill bars, click combos, and more
    • Includes RPG elements such as attributes, class requirements, and item stats
    • Extensive permission control


    When this plugin isn't quite enough, there's a premium version that adds even more versatility. View the Premium SkillAPI page for more details.




    SkillAPI Wiki

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Recent Updates

  1. Fixes from premium
  2. Skill Bar Fix
  3. Catching up on some fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Null2000
    Version: v3.103
    Very good plugin, just wondering... I want one class to have a shit ton of skills available to learn (more than 100) but individual classes have limitations to how many skills they can have... The limit is like 20 spells or so
  2. LoadUp
    Version: v3.103
    I really love this plugin but i have a suggestion. You should add a small delay after doing a combo and before the cast happens. Like a 0.7 second delay. This is to insure if we make too skills with combos like

    R R R and one with R R

    So that the R R doesnt cast when we planned to cast R R R. Those 0.7/0.6 seconds give us enough time to complete the combo fully andd even if we do i doubt it would be noticable. Maybe add an option to customize the time depending on the classes.
  3. whataboutit
    Version: v3.103
    Nice plguin but can you tell me
    What is the open source license used by the plugin
  4. wuming123
    Version: v3.103
    Great plugin
    I really like this
    But I want to have more customization
    I want to customize the experience required for each level of each class
  5. MausHetzer
    Version: v3.103
    Love the plugin, been using it for over a year. Allows you to implement most features quickly and without too much thought.
  6. Veralustcraft
    Version: v3.103
    nice plugin u got there..
    had problem of choosing using SkillAPI or Mcmmo
    But currently using this on my semi-rpg survival server..
    and so far, no problem at all :3
  7. Ang_Drew
    Version: v3.103
    good plugin, for anyone who want to ask about tutorial, if u confused just post it on discussion and let other people help you or post issue on github i will try to help you when i notified from email
  8. ThelpixGamer
    Version: v3.102
    Well Good Plugin Good Mechanics But Theres no Fucking Tutorial i still dont know how to make class requirements or skill requirements
  9. Hern05
    Version: v3.102
    This is a good plugin, but there're some limitations, you can add some stats example like dodging, critical rate, critical chance and others.
    And the skills part this plugin provide many skills, but most of them are for melee ranged classes, the projectile skills need to be improve with many custom or mc based projectiles in it. These projectiles skills should add not only that option. The option that u should be add in the projectiles part is damage adjustable.

    That's all this is my review.
  10. ShiroeZ
    Version: v3.102
    I wish I could arrange the skills
    on the board ! And fix the error 20hp 0 mana