SkillAPI v3.108

Flexible class and skill system with mass configuration and unique menus and features!

  1. 1.13 Update

    • Added 1.13 support
    • Added API for extending the dynamic skill system
      • SkillPlugin now includes two methods, getTriggers() and getComponents()
      • Any custom components provided will add to a "tool-config.json" file
      • Dropping the json file in the editor will add all custom components
    • Added MythicMobs support to the Taunt mechanic
    • Added support for negative attribute bonuses
    • Added support for the exp and level commands to be given for a specific class group
    • Added delay option for SQL loading (to allow synchronization across servers)
    • Added support for non-players for the Armor condition
    • Added min/max rank options to Potion condition
    • Added stackable option to Attribute mechanic
    • Added relative option to Launch mechanic
    • Added source option to Push mechanic
    • Added stop on fail option to Repeat mechanic
    • Added sitting option to wolf mechanic
    • Added random option to Area target
    • Added horizontal option to Offset target
    • Changed how the Biome condition works (breaking change)
    • Fixed click combos not functioning properly in adventure mode
    • Fixed issues with latest world guard builds
    • Fixed duplication bug with item projectiles landing on hoppers
    • Fixed an NPE when opening the attribute menu in some cases
    • Fixed errors being spammed to the console in some cases
    • Fixed map menus for pre-1.13 servers
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