SkinFixer 1.7.1

Allow players to have a skin when your server is in offline mode and change skins on the fly

  1. TheDutchMC04
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    SkinFixer aims to make skins possible for Offline-mode servers, and allow for users to change their skin in-game.

    SkinFixer also works with Discord. You can upload your skin to a designated Discord channel, and get a code.

    Supported Minecraft versions

    - 1.16, all versions.
    - 1.17, all versions

    If your version is missing, I am happy to add it if you request it. You can request it here:

    • /setskin <code> [slim true/false] Set your skin from a provided code.
    • /getskin <url> Get a code for your skin
    • /skinfixer help Show the SkinFixer help page
    • /skinfixer version Get the version of SkinFixer you are using
    • /resetskin Remove a Player's skin from the cache
    • skinfixer.* Grants all SkinFixer permissions
    • skinfixer.setskin Allows the use of /setskin
    • skinfixer.getskin Allows the use of /getskin
    • Allows the use of /skinfixer help
    • skinfixer.version Allows the use of /skinfixer version
    • skinfixer.resetskin Allows the use of /resetskin
    • Allow players to change their skin without logging off
    • Allow players on Offline-mode servers to have a skin
    • Premium-minecraft players will get their skin applied on offline-mode servers
    • Allow players to upload their skin to Discord, and set that skin in-game
    SkinFixer relies on the SkinFixer API. The source code can be found here: MIT License

    I collect some metrics as of v1.4.1. I collect the following:
    - Player count
    - Memory usage
    - Minecraft Version
    - OS
    - Java Version
    - Timezone
    The metrics are completely anonymous. Some metrics are for plugin improvement, like OS, minecraft version, java version and timezone (Timezone gives me an idea for what localizations should be focused on). Other metrics like player count and memory usage are because I love graphs :)

    Metrics can be disabled by adding disableStat: true to the config file.

    The metrics server and library are fully open source and can be found here:
    - Server: MIT License
    - Library: MIT License

    Issues can be reported here:

Recent Updates

  1. Major Refactor
  2. Improvements & Persistent skins!
  3. API Update

Recent Reviews

  1. TheBelgiumGameBy
    Version: 1.6.0
    I installed it for 1.16.5 but it don't work, so please tell me what i'm ,doing wrong or what are the depents of the plugin
    1. TheDutchMC04
      Author's Response
      Hey there! Unfortunate to hear it doesn't work! Would you mind opening an issue on GitHub so I can look into it?
  2. mije
    Version: 1.5.1
    It works perfect, I would like that when leaving and entering the server, the applied skin is saved
    1. TheDutchMC04
      Author's Response
      Hm, I thought that was already the case. I'll add this in v1.5.2 or v1.6.0!
  3. daniel54bhp
    Version: 1.5.0
    I Love this! Is Excellent, esta funcionando excelentemente bien en mi servidor, te agradezco mucho!