SkinFixer 1.0

SkinFixer aims to make skins possible for Offline-mode servers

  1. TheDutchMC04
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    SkinFixer aims to make skins possible for Offline-mode servers, and allow for users to change their skin in-game.

    SkinFixer also works with Discord. You can upload your skin to a designated Discord channel, and get a code.

    Supported Minecraft versions

    Not every Minecraft version is supported, the plugin will tell you if your version isn't supported. A list of supported versions can be found here:

    If your version is missing, I am happy to add it if you request it. You can request it here:

    • /setskin <code> [slim true/false] Set your skin from a provided code.
    • /getskin <url> Get a code for your skin
    • /skinfixer help Show the SkinFixer help page
    • /skinfixer version Get the version of SkinFixer you are using
    • skinfixer.* Grants all SkinFixer permissions
    • skinfixer.setskin Allows the use of /setskin
    • skinfixer.getskin Allows the use of /getskin
    • Allows the use of /skinfixer help
    • skinfixer.version Allows the use of /skinfixer version
    • Allow players to change their skin without logging off
    • Allow players on Offline-mode servers to have a skin
    • Premium-minecraft players will get their skin applied on offline-mode servers
    • Allow players to upload their skin to Discord, and set that skin in-game
    Issues can be reported here: