Skinner 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT

Change the skins of Vanilla Mobs, Citizen's NPCs,MythicMobs' mobs and players (and ever your)!

  1. Added new features


    Please delete your old config before using the new version!

    Please set the display name in your old disguises to a point(.) to avoid a doubled display name!
    [SPOILER="Here what happens if you...
  2. Removed Holograms dependency, added HolographicDisplay dependency

    Removed Holograms dependency, added HolographicDisplay dependency
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  3. New feature

    Added spaces in display names
    To use the new features please delete your old config
    The display name is a bit glitched, I'm working to fix it.

    The upload command has been changed, please check up the new syntax

    Added Holograms dependency (check the home for the download links)
  4. Code optimizations, bug fixes, config restyled

    • Performance improved
    • Bug fixes (except the one on Citizen - Read below *)
    • Config restyled. Please backup your current config and let the plugin creates a new one
    • Code cleaned and all comments translated into English
    * Citizens has its own system to change NPC skin and it is overriding LibsDisguises (or that is what I think it's happening). I'm trying to figure out a solution in my free time.
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  5. Bug fix

    Fixed bug on command /sk upload
  6. New feature

    Added skin upload by URL.
    /sk upload <imageUrl> <disguiseName> <displayName>
  7. New features and bugs fix

    • Added /sk changeSkin disguiseName
    • Modified permissions (see the full list in the plugin description)
    • Fixed bug throwing an exception
    • Removed skins update every 1 minute (now the plugin updates the skins of the entities every time a new chunk is loaded)
  8. Fixed crash on startup

    Fixed crash on startup
  9. New features added

    New features added:

    • You can now upload the skin directly from the server by running the command /sk upload
    • Fixed a bug that was throwing an exception while using Citizens
    • The setup tutorial has been total rewritten
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  10. Bug fix

    Bug fix