SkinsRestorer 14.1.15

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode)(Bungee/Spigot/Sponge/Velocity)

  1. SRTeam
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    xknat, Pistonmaster, Th3Tr0LLeR, Shevchik, McLive, DoNotSpamPls, BlackFire62
    Languages Supported:
    Fully configurable in language file.
    Join us at our Discord[​IMG] channel for support :)
    Completely working from 1.8 till 1.18.1 Spigot!

    IF you use Tlauncher, turn "Use Skins" OFF under account settings
    (best to just use "MultiMC-cracked" as its modless)

    Useful tools for custom skins:

    SkinFile Generator
    With SkinFile Generator you can upload your own custom .png skin to get a unique .skin file that you can put in your skins folder. check it out here:

    SkinSystem is a website that can interact with authme (and forum)
    to allow users to upload, manage, view and select custom skins on a website. check it out here:

    What is SkinsRestorer?
    SkinsRestorer is a plugin that restores skins for offline mode servers & networks that gives the players ability to change their skins by typing a single command.

    Any videos about SkinsRestorer?
    Yes. There are videos about SkinsRestorer in French, Spanish, German, Italian and portuguese!
    (They might be outdated!)






    Where can I use SkinsRestorer?
    Currently, you can use SkinsRestorer on these platforms:
    • CraftBukkit
    • Spigot
    • Paper
    • TacoSpigot
    • SpongeVanilla (not Forge)
    • BungeeCord
    • Waterfall (PaperMC)
    • FlexPipe
    • VelocityPowered
    How can I install SkinsRestorer?
    It's easy to install SkinsRestorer.
    Follow this little guide, so you don't go wrong :)
    For more info, see [wiki]
    Note: Make sure to review BungeeCord installation steps if you're using a proxy!

    For Spigot / Paper:
    1. Place the plugin in ./plugins/ folder.
    2. Restart the server.
    3. Optional Edit the config.yml inside ./plugins/SkinsRestorer/ folder.
    For BungeeCord / Waterfall:
    1. Place the plugin in /plugins/ folders of every spigot server.
    2. Place the plugin in /plugins/ folder of every bungeecord server.
    3. Check & set on every Spigot server spigot.yml -> bungeecord: true
    4. Give permissions inside the bungee server
    5. Restart the server.
    6. Optional Edit the config inside bungee/plugins/SkinsRestorer/ folder.
    For Sponge:
    1. Place the plugin in ./mods/ folder (where Sponge is located).
    2. Restart the server.
    For Velocity:
    [!] Paper is suggested for velocity [!]

    1. Place the SkinsRestorer.jar in /plugins/ folders of every Paper server.
    2. Place the SkinsRestorer.jar in ./plugins/ folder of every Velocity server.
    3. Check & set on every paper server paper.yml -> velocity-support: enabled: true
    4. Restart (/restart or /stop) all servers [PlugMan and /reload are NOT supported, use /stop or /end]
    5. You may now Configure SkinsRestorer on Velocity (Velocity plugins folder /plugins/SkinsRestorer)
    What are the Commands?
    Here's a list with commands and permissions to use them
    Note: If you use the plugin with bungeecord you will need to set the permission on the bungeecord side (e.g. config.yml)

    More info & Permissions see: [wiki]
    [!] only works with "NewPermissions: true" (if false see old perms!)
    [!] wildcards ("*") don't work

    Player commands:
    /skin - main command.
    /skin <skinname> - Sets your skin.
    /skin url <skin.png url> [steve / slim] - set a skin from a .png url
    /skin update - Updates your current skin.
    /skin clear - clears your skin.
    /skins - GUI

    Admin commands:
    /sr - main admin command
    /skin set <playername> <skinname> - Sets player's skin.
    /skin clear <player> - clear a player's skin.
    /skin update <player> update a player's skin.
    /sr drop <skinname> - Removes skins data from database.
    /sr createcustom <name> <skin.png url> - Define a usable custom skin.
    /sr reload - Reloads config and locale.
    /sr props <playername> - Returns properties of a player.
    /sr status - check the plugin status.

    Additional Permissions:
    skinsrestorer.bypasscooldown -> bypasses skinscooldown config
    skinsrestorer.bypassdisabled -> bypass the disabledskins list

    What if I need support?
    If you need any support you can Join us at our Discord channel,
    so we can help you out :)

    Meet the Team:
    xknat - Developer
    Pistonmaster - Developer

    Logics - Maintainer
    SloPlays - Website & backend
    Angel_0 - support
    mono21400 - support
    CodeR - Skinsystem intergration dev
    ITZVGcGPmO - Skinsystem intergration dev

    McLive - Retired dev
    Th3Tr0LLeR - Retired Founder
    Blackfire62 - Retired dev
    DoNotSpamPls - Retired dev
    HyperGaming18 - Retired support



    Want to support us and the plugin ?
    We have spent many of our time by working on to this, we made it free so that any server could enjoy it.
    If you're a big server and plan to use this consider donating to us (PM) so that I can thank you and keep working on this.

    Donators Wall <3 Love them all :)

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    Plugins that use SkinsRestorer
    SybHideAndSeek - Play Hide and Seek on minecraft.

    How many can downloads we reach ?

    5000 Downloads - YEAH :D
    10 000 Downloads - YEYY :D

    15 000 Downloads
    20 000 Downloads
    50 000 Downloads - 50K !!!!! THIS IS AWESOME ! ! !

    75 000 Downloads - Aiming for 100k now! :)
    100 000 Downloads - What Now ? 150k ??!
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    250 000 Downloads - Is it even possible ? (Yeah)
    300 000 Downloads - Nope xD (idk why and how)
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    What now ? A half million ? 500k ?? - Why not XD
    1 000 000 Downloads ?!?!
    OOF 1,5 Million in the stats?? - 2/2019
    2 Million maybe? - 21-12-2019
    3? - 9/2020
    4? - 16-03-2021
    half way to 10-10-02-2022
    10M ? "Would be nice" ~SloPlays
    MORE THAN 2nd & 3th & 4th COMBINED

    (we are not open for paid advertising)
    end, no seriously just rate us already ^w^.

Recent Reviews

  1. Bijju089
    Version: 14.1.15
  2. hyboxwood
    Version: 14.1.15
    My 1.18.2 paperMC server is woring in offline mode with right skin and cape.
  3. Jin_ou
    Version: 14.1.15
    The player skull in gui can be droped into inventory on waterfall servers. And it is just one of the issues during past 1 year. I don't think the plugin is stable. If the author improve the experience on bungee I will consider to re-rating it
    1. SRTeam
      Author's Response
      correction: 4 weeks (since last version)
      The issue is already fixed on our dev build. We have communicated this over on our discord. We do have some mysql issues in the version (warnings) that would like to address before release but the dev build is stable.
  4. Tezorv13
    Version: 14.1.15
    [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m----------------------------------------------[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m +==================+[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m | SkinsRestorer |[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m |------------------|[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m | [34;1m[4m[21mStandalone Mode[0;39m[32;1m |[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m +==================+[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m----------------------------------------------[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[36;1m Current version: [32;1m14.1.15[0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m This is the latest version![0;39m
    [17:33:26] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 6 - SkinsRestorer/INFO]: [33;1m[[32;22mSkinsRestorer[33;1m] [0;39m[32;1m----------------------------------------------[0;39m

    sudden drops in TPS
  5. Spikehidden
    Version: 14.1.13
    Great Plugin that I use as a workaround to make Bedrock Players' Skins are visible for Java Players. The only thing I'd love to be added is placeholderAPI support or the adding of %uuid% and %player% placeholders for default skin urls. With this you can auto add the skin for bedrock players with this API:
  6. CastorudeSiberi
    Version: 14.1.10
    amazing script from amazing team,and it's work's perfectly with 1.18.1 soo yeah big kudo
  7. kalana
    Version: 14.1.10
    the plugin is good but after installing the plugin getting connection handler lag
  8. BurakGKTP
    Version: 14.1.9
    Unnecessary updates are constantly coming to the plugin. It is not nice to receive so many updates to a plugin. I want to keep my server the latest version, but updates should not come unless necessary.
  9. Santocraft
    Version: 14.1.6
    Been using this plugin since forever, please update it to 1.18 soon! It's the best one out there.
  10. Funtime3Freddy3
    Version: 14.1.6
    The plugin is ok,but the latest version is doing the server to crash instantly..