SkinsRestorer 13.3

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)

  1. Th3Tr0LLeR
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    BlackFire62, Shevchik, FiscalBasilisk, RoinujNosde, KatsuroKurosaki. xknat
    Please Read !!!!!
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    Completely working on 1.12 Spigot <3
    What is SkinsRestorer ?
    SkinsRestorer is a plugin that restores skins for offline mode servers and gives the players ability to change their skins by typing a single command.

    Any videos about SkinsRestorer ?
    Yes. There are 4 videos about SkinsRestorer at the time. French, Spanish, German and Italian videos.
    I still need an English video for SkinsRestorer, but no one seems to make one. Can you make one please ?

    Click the Spoiler for the videos :)



    Where can i use SkinsRestorer ?
    Currently you can use SkinsRestorer on these platforms.
    Keep in mind that some of these are still in experimental support stage, so they may contain some bugs.

    • Spigot
    • CraftBukkit
    • PaperSpigot
    • TacoSpigot
    • Sponge
    • BungeeCord
    • Waterfall
    • FlexPipe

    How can i install SkinsRestorer ?
    It's easy to install SkinsRestorer.
    Follow the little guide i wrote, so you don't get wrong :)

    For Spigot & CraftBukkit :
    1. Place the plugin in /plugins/ folder.
    2. Restart the server.
    3. Optional Edit the config inside /plugins/SkinsRestorer/ folder.
    For BungeeCord :
    1. Place the plugin in /plugins/ folders of every server.
    2. Place the plugin in /plugins/ folder of bungeecord.
    3. Restart the server.
    4. Optional Edit the config inside /plugins/SkinsRestorer/ folder.
    5. For Instant skin updates Place the plugin in all other Spigot .servers /plugins/ folders and make sure you have bungeecord : true in each spigot.yml
    For Sponge:
    1. Place the plugin in /mods/ folder (where Sponge is located).
    2. Restart the server.
    What are the Commands ?
    The commands are so simple.
    Here's a list with commands and permissions to use them
    It's formatted like this.
    Note: If you use the plugin with bungeecord you will need to add the permissions on the bungeecord side (e.g. config.yml)
    Player commands: (skinsrestorer.playercmds)
    • /skin <skinname> - Sets your skin - skinsrestorer.playercmds
    • /skins -
    Admin commands: (skinsrestorer.cmds)
    • /sr set <playername> <skinname> - Sets player's skin.
    • /sr reload - Reloads config and locale.
    • /sr props <playername> - Returns properties of a player.
    • /sr drop <skinname> - Removes skins data from database.
    What if i need support ?
    If you need any support you can Join us at our Discord channel,
    so we can help you out :)

    Want to support me and the plugin ?
    We have spent many of our time by working on this, I made it free so that any server could enjoy it.

    If you're a big server and plan to use this consider donating to me (PM me) so that I can thank you and keep working on this.
    Donators Wall <3 Love them all :)
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    How many downloads we can reach ?


    5000 Downloads - YEAH :D
    10 000 Downloads - YEYY :D

    15 000 Downloads
    20 000 Downloads
    50 000 Downloads - 50K !!!!! THIS IS AWESOME ! ! !
    75 000 Downloads - Aiming for 100k now! :)
    100 000 Downloads - What Now ? 150k ??!
    150 000 Downloads - Insane :D
    200 000 Downloads - Didn't expect that so fast, lel :D

    250 000 Downloads - Is it even possible ? (Yeah)
    300 000 Downloads - Nope xD (idk why and how)
    350 000 Downloads - <3
    400 000 Downloads - lel xD Can't even imagine what happened..

    What now ? A half million ? 500k ?? - Why not XD
    1 000 000 Downloads ?!?!


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    [SkinsRestorer] We couldn't update the proxy list. This usually indicates a firewall problem. A detailed error is below. connect timed out
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    [SkinsRestorer] We couldn't update the proxy list. This usually indicates a firewall problem. A detailed error is below. connect timed out
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    Nice plugin! Cracked player also can enjoy skins.
    BTW, Could you please let me repost this plugin to a Chinese Minecraft Forum ( and translate SkinsRestorer to Chinese. Of course, I will leave Spigot link and Your name in that repost page :)
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    Thanks for the recommendation I have put SkinWithoutPerm: true in the same configuration gives the same error: Server return HTTP response code: 429 for URL: hsttps: //
    If you have another solution, I would appreciate it.
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    Version: 13.3
    if no load your skin set to SkinWithoutPerm: true in the Config
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    Version: 13.3
    I offer you 5 stars, but there are still few things to add. Thank you for this valuable resource and especially for giving it for free.

    I would also have a suggestion, if possible, that there should be an order to set up personalized capes.
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    Terrible plugin for having 1 millions+ downloads

    i don't believe those are real downloads, thise plugin don't deserve more then 10 downloads, they stopped working on plugin with more then milion downloads, then i don't have to tell you nothing more
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    Version: 13.3
    BungeeCord no working for me :( .
  9. jonnycp9
    Version: 13.3
    i use paper 1.12.2 and on my server my player can't change skin if a premium, only cracked account can, ip
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    Amazing Plugin, Can you add a simple api to get cracked player current skin ...........