SkinsRestorer 13.6.2

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)

  1. OOF we skipt to 13.5!!!

    13.5 is now out after after a whooping 8 month of waiting! woho!!
    This is the first update after the hotfix, why did it take so long and are permissions finally fixed?

    Well, it already was on our discord and devbuild so make sure to always check in on discord:
    This version was made by our new dev McLive who did bring in a WHOLE NEW API for skinsrestorer to use :) (and obv our awesome DoNotSpamPls and the team)

    Also Defaultskins are now awesome so check it out for your cracked server! (big server benefit's this)

    Anyways, here are the changes:
    [+] New API:<name> by McLive
    [+] re-added custom proxy list in the config!
    [+] New config option "DefaultSkins.ApplyForPremium" only applies an default skin if the player is not premium
    [+] Manual proxy's since you all asked for it ^w^
    [+] Now supports all multi worlds plugins
    [+] New /sr status admin command
    [+] /skin clear for bungee will now apply default skin if true
    [+] /skin clear now has cooldown
    [+] Added sponge support (again) because we now got McLive who could do the trick.
    [+] Added support for Minecraft 1.13.x

    [/] Permissions for /skin command are now working
    [/] Huge config changes
    [/] Better error handling
    [/] Skinsrestorer updating system improved
    [/] Some mysql improvements and race conditions fixed
    [/] We now take 30 proxy's and not just 5.
    [/] Fixed custom proxies which you can enter in config.yml file
    [/] Fixed valid username regex checks
    [/] Multiple smaller fixes for the sponge plugin
    [/] Don't send empty "SR_LINE" in locale config
    [/] Fixed plugin channel length
    [/] Fixed intents in Bungee LoginEvent

    [-] Removed /sr config command
    [-] Spiderweb that was placed
    [-] Removed xknat from staff ;_;

    Please rate this version 5 stars if it works =)​

    Come say Hi in our discord and let us know what you think about this <3 ty for keep being with us and we apologize deeply for the mistrust we have given using this plugin. we are now back on track and will start posting updated here again and make sure the plugin is working.

    Project SkinsRestorer:
    [Discord Help / Support][Spigot][Website][GitHub]​
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