SkinsRestorer 13.6.2

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)

  1. 13.3 update <3

    We have heard your feedback and implemented half of it. this update is more a hotfix for the sessionserver changes that has been going on. Lucky we had a few who saw it right away! (bottomdumber & juju790)

    in this version we worked on async and a few bugs. also if you're getting rate limited change your skinsexpireafter to 1584 manual!
    but despite the effort, we hat no time to fix insta skin change for bungee. this means players with bungee need to change server or rejoin to make the skin appear.

    What is changed ?

    • Changed to the new sessions format! (fixes 429 rate limited)
    • Set skinsexpireafter default value on 1584 (1,1 day)
    • Made the plugin async (woho now its way faster on your network!!)
    • Less java error exceptions, more useful / human error feedback

    Bug fix
    • We now detect MultiWorld and hook into it
    • The plugin now shuts down if ChangeSkin is detected
    • BungeeCord /skin clear is fixed (was returning the help message before)
    • If you now leave the SR_Line empty it should not show :) NP <3

    Known bugs
    • config generation is shoddy as ever
    • Bungeecord skin changing is not instant for some reason

    this is a hotfix for all server, but we kinda left the big network's down that still used 13.1.3 (manual proxy's) we are working for those big network's and will bring out proxy & mysql updates out when ready.

    with a lot of love from @DoNotSpamPls @Logics @xknat
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