SkinsRestorer 14.1.1

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Spigot/Sponge)

  1. v14.0.1 Hotfix Failed release info ( & nonspigot NoSuchMethodError (#448)

    Your spigot server should update automatically
    [Changelog below]
    IF you have issues with Velocity since v14:
    Commands stopped working for you when using velocity?
    Add the bungee override file named "disableBungeeMode"
    [Image] (will be fixed later release to add compatability)


    • Fixed a bug causing [SkinsRestorer] Failed to get release info from for the first time on host startup
    • Fixed a break when using nonspigot implementation (CraftBukkit)
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