SkinsRestorer 13.5.1

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)

  1. Bugfix release 13.5.1

    13.5.1 is out now and fixes some smaller bugs that happened after the 13.5 release.

    [/] Bungee intents error
    [/] Plugin now also works on bukkit servers again
    [/] Shorter bungee channel name
    [/] Default skins on join when the player has an invalid username
    [/] Bungee update-checker
  2. OOF we skipt to 13.5!!!

    13.5 is now out after after a whooping 8 month of waiting! woho!!
    This is the first update after the hotfix, why did it take so long and are permissions finally fixed?

    Well, it already was on our discord and devbuild so make sure to always check in on discord:
    This version was made by our new dev McLive who did bring in a WHOLE NEW API for skinsrestorer...
  3. 13.3 update <3

    We have heard your feedback and implemented half of it. this update is more a hotfix for the sessionserver changes that has been going on. Lucky we had a few who saw it right away! (bottomdumber & juju790)

    in this version we worked on async and a few bugs. also if you're getting rate limited change your skinsexpireafter to 1584 manual!
    but despite the effort, we hat no time to fix insta skin change for bungee. this means players with bungee need to change server or rejoin to make the...
  4. Finally 13.2 Update <3

    Dear users,

    We know we haven't released a new version of the plugin in a while. We also know that there have been many lingering bugs for a while now. We heard you feedback in and Fear no more! SkinsRestorer 13.2 is now out :)

    Added features:

    • Converted the plugin over to Maven
    • Add automatic CI, thanks to Travis-CI.
    • bStats metrics (optional)
    • An automatic...
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  5. Updating Proxy system + Fixing bugs.

    What is changed ?
    • Updating proxy system to fix non working proxies.
    • Removed the proxy.txt file (It's unneeded).
    • Fixed bug that when a proxy is not working the plugin tries again and again.
    Dear users,

    While we already have hit the 700.000 download mark.
    I would personal like to thank each of you for your determination in using my plugin.

    It's a hard time for me to keep up this project and having bad feedback is not...
  6. Add file to 13.1.3

    Add file to 13.1.3
  7. Simple fixes :D

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed (/skin notch disable usage of commandblocks till /restart or /deop -> /op)
    • Fixed (/skins remove skin (red glass) gives error when you already have no skin ( need null -- Fixed)
    • Fixed (skinscooldown timer goes negative when you spamm the command. -- Fixed)
    • Fixed (bukkit does not work since 1.12 :( -- Fixed)
    • Fixed (update cheker needs update...
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  8. Hotfix for 13.1.2 (Not starting on BungeeCord)

    Hotfix for 13.1.2 (Not starting on BungeeCord)
  9. Bug Fixes and improvements. (Logging) (Dublication fix)

    What is changed ?
    • Changed the logging style (added prefix :D)
    • Tried to fix the player duplication bug (Hope it's fixed)
    • Changed version string to v13.1.2
    I tried to fix the duplication but that was reported to me. Hope It's ok now.
    Best Regards,

  10. Bug Fixes and improvements. (API) (Protocol-Hack)

    What is changed ?
    • Added support for Spigot 1.7.10 (Protocol-Hack)
    • Fixed the API (It wasn't really working)
    • Fixed some more stuff.
    • Changed version string to v13.1.1
    This version is mainly for the API fixes, but i saw a review last night saying protocol hack is no longer working and i decided to add support for that. It won't really work like the 1.12 and etc, but at least it's support :D
    Best Regards,