SkinsRestorer 13.6.2

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)

  1. Menu Improvements + Fixes.

    What is changed ?
    • The menu is now loaded only on enable.
    • Added command for reloading the menu. "/sr reloadskins". (Since it's only loading once, it needs to be reloaded if you want the new skins to appear.)
    • The menu can now work with MySQL enabled.
    • Fixed TPS drop when using the menu (It was caused by that the menu was loaded every time.)
    • Changed version string to v12.7-SNAPSHOT-3
  2. FastLogin support + API fixes.

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed compatibility with FastLogin.
    • API improvements and fixes.
    • Changed version string to v12.7.SNAPSHOT2
    That's all. This is the second 12.7 snapshot. It's still unstable.
    Use at your own risk.
  3. Skins Menu !!! Hype <3

    What is changed ?
    • Well, I just added this:

    Warning: At this time the Menu feature works only in single spigot servers. That means this is not added in Bungeecord and Sponge.
    This menu is experimental and it's only for testing purposes.
    You can open the menu by running the command /skins with permission "". The menu loads the skins...
  4. Permissions FIX + Code cleanup.

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed the permissions when using BungeeCord. (Now you really can add the permissions server sided and the bungeecord will copy them).
    • Removed some useless stuff from the code that will never actually be used.
    • Changed version string to v12.6.1
    I will be working on something like a GUI that will contain the saved skins from the database folder/mysql and they will be selectable by users, but.....
  5. Adding clearing command + dup fixes.

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed duplications (Tested on all versions and bungeecord also with AuthMe installed).
    • Added /clearskin command used to clear player skin, but not skin data. (Requires skinsrestorer.playercmds)
    • Fixed some API issues which were causing class not found exception.
    • Changed version string to v12.6
    I believe the skin duplications are fixed, but if you find one and you know the cause, please tell me....
  6. Skin duplicating stuff.

    What is changed ?
    • Removed 2 lines which were probably causing skin duplicating on logout.
    This is a BETA build. It's recommended to use it only for testing purposes.
    Please test it and tell me if it works fine, or the bug is still there.

    I will then release 12.6 stable and with added skin clearing command.
  7. Vanish compatible + Fixed bugs :)

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed player duplication caused by tping in gamemode 3.
    • Fixed compatilibity with vanish. (plugins such as Essentials and VanishNoPacket are supported).
    • Vanish plugins are now supported yeh.
    • Fixed bug when joining with invisibility.
    • Changed version string to v12.5.8.
    Last update for today. Hope you enjoy it.
    This version is marked as Stable.

    Don't forget to leave a review :)
  8. Completely fixing duplications.

    What is changed ?
    • Sending the skin packets only in the specified world to prevent duplications.
    • That means fixed player duplications.
    • Removed useless stuff from the code.
    • Changed version string to v12.5.7.
    This version is marked as Stable, but make sure to report bugs :)
    P.S. Vanishing plugins are still not supported. I will be working on that soon.
    Thanks for the donation i received recenly. It...
  9. Important Update! !!!

    What is changed ?
    Since deprecated their API i needed to fast update the plugin in order to make it work again (Since blackfire made it strange using the alternative API first..)

    • Removed the support.
    • Added Mojang as first UUID url.
    • Also the same for Sponge.
    • Changed version string to v12.5.6
    This version is marked as Stable, but if you have any problems, don't forget to PM me or join the...
  10. Working on logout stuff.

    What is changed ?
    • Added logout listeners to prevent player duplication on quit.
    • Changed version string to v12.5.5-BETA.
    Since i can't test it with 2 or more players. This version is marked as BETA.
    Please use it only for testing purposes and report back to me, so i can release a Stable version soon.

    Thanks :)

    Don't forget to leave a review :)