SkinsRestorer 13.7.4

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)

  1. Re-adding java 7 support

    What is changed ?
    • Added Java 7 support. (Again, because some people likes to stay outdated and complain ME about that...)
    Are you happy now ? ;))
  2. Bug fixes and more support ;)

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed bunch of netty errors.
    • Fixed console spam with errors/messages.
    • Fixed and improved "/sr props" command.
    • MySQL now automatically reconnects after losing connection.
    • Added disabled skins option in config. (Again)
    • Improved compatibility with older versions (1.7.10 & 1.8) including instant skin updates for both of them
    • Added 1.7.9 support. The plugin now supports 1.7.9-1.10.2
    • Fixed bunch of errors with configs and stuff...
  3. Fully recode 1.10 support and so many things

    What is changed ?
    • Completely recoded.
    • Fixed legacy premium users skins.
    • Fixed online mode bungeecord skin changing.
    • Dropped suport for AutoIn (Skins will still be handled by this plugin).
    • Improved skin applying (Supporting NPCs).
    • Fixed bugs with YML config & locale.
    • Simplified commands for players and admins.
    • Added sponge support.
    • Added 1.10.x support.

    While updating to this version, its highly recommended to remove all...
  4. 1.9.4 YEY

    What is changed ?
    • Added 1.9.4 support :)
    • A little change ;)
    Lel xD Thats all.

    Please buy me a pizza or i will die hungry xD
  5. More Bug Fixes + Debug Option :)

    What is Changed ?
    • Added debug option. Look in the config.
    • Fixed the /skin drop command.
    • Fixed the "No Premium Player Found" Error.
    • Changed version string to v11.6
    The URL we were using in the newest version to check if the name is premium was removed, so the version broke. That's why it stopped working. :)

    Please donate to keep the project up <3

  6. Fixed Skins!

    First of all. Thanks for writing reviews only when the plugin is not working... This will make me retire at some time... -_-

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed the skins in this version
    • Changed version string to v11.5.2
    Please donate to keep the plugin up (I really need it at this time).

    Be sure to report errors, but not in the reviews section..
  7. Locale Hotfix! Java 6 Support!

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed bug which caused the locale to be totally broken and useless. It's now called messages.yml.
    • Added Java 6 Support.
    • Changed version string to v11.5.1
    This is a hotfix, so it wont have any features added.

    Please donate to keep the project up! :)
  8. Bug Fixes Update!

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed the locale.yml - The update will break your current locale settings.
    • Fixed error when getting the timestamp from the cache.
    • Fixed error when getting messages from the locale.
    • Removed unused methods.
    • Updated how the SkinFactory works. - The methods remains the same.
    • Fixed error on paperspigot - [not sure if it's fixed.]
    • Changed version string to v11.5
    I opened official website for downloading SkinsRestorer...
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  9. YAML Update + Bug Fixes + New Commands

    What is changed ?
    • +Update locale to yaml - by BlackFire
    • -Removed JSON libraries + Added yaml storage - by BlackFire
    • Improved MySQL / Fixed Bugs - by BlackFire
    • Fixed bug in the yaml locale.
    • +Added '/skinsrestorer info' command.
    • +Added MCStats Metrics.
    • Fixed the '/skinsrestorer set <player> <skin>' command through console.
    Yeah. That's all for this update. Hope you'll like it.

    Thanks for all the support :)

    Thanks to BlackFire for...
  10. API Update ! :) + Code cleanup

    What is changed ?
    • Removed a lot of unused methods
    • There is now a public Skin Factory located at skinsrestorer.shared.utils.Factory
    • Changed the APi, so it's now uses the shared Factory.
    • Deprecated old API methods.
    • Changed version string to 11.3
    This update is marked as Experimental BETA build. Please report any bugs you found on the github issue tracker.

    You can donate to keep the...
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