SkinsRestorer 13.6.1

Ability to restore/change skins on servers! (Offline and Online Mode). (Bungee/Bukkit/Sponge)

  1. Locale Hotfix! Java 6 Support!

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed bug which caused the locale to be totally broken and useless. It's now called messages.yml.
    • Added Java 6 Support.
    • Changed version string to v11.5.1
    This is a hotfix, so it wont have any features added.

    Please donate to keep the project up! :)
  2. Bug Fixes Update!

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed the locale.yml - The update will break your current locale settings.
    • Fixed error when getting the timestamp from the cache.
    • Fixed error when getting messages from the locale.
    • Removed unused methods.
    • Updated how the SkinFactory works. - The methods remains the same.
    • Fixed error on paperspigot - [not sure if it's fixed.]
    • Changed version string to v11.5
    I opened official website for downloading SkinsRestorer...
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  3. YAML Update + Bug Fixes + New Commands

    What is changed ?
    • +Update locale to yaml - by BlackFire
    • -Removed JSON libraries + Added yaml storage - by BlackFire
    • Improved MySQL / Fixed Bugs - by BlackFire
    • Fixed bug in the yaml locale.
    • +Added '/skinsrestorer info' command.
    • +Added MCStats Metrics.
    • Fixed the '/skinsrestorer set <player> <skin>' command through console.
    Yeah. That's all for this update. Hope you'll like it.

    Thanks for all the support :)

    Thanks to BlackFire for...
  4. API Update ! :) + Code cleanup

    What is changed ?
    • Removed a lot of unused methods
    • There is now a public Skin Factory located at skinsrestorer.shared.utils.Factory
    • Changed the APi, so it's now uses the shared Factory.
    • Deprecated old API methods.
    • Changed version string to 11.3
    This update is marked as Experimental BETA build. Please report any bugs you found on the github issue tracker.

    You can donate to keep the...
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  5. Are you ready for the YML config ?

    What is changed ?
    • Changed how the commands work.
    • Changed the config from .json to .yml // You will need to re-configure it.
    • Added option to disable MCAPI // It will throw "Rate Limited" error instead.
    • Added disabled skins list. Player can use them if he have permission "skinsrestorer.disabledskins"
    • Changed version string to 11.2
    Important! Since the config system is changed, your...
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  6. Removing

    Removing It's not under the forum rules.

    Sorry for that, but because noone donates the project. I am forced to use

    It's simple. You click "Skip Ad" in the top right, and you are redirected.
  8. More bug fixes :)

    What is changed ?
    • Added permission 'skinsrestorer.bypasscooldown' for cooldown bypass - By BlackFire.
    • Added support for custom max health plugins such as RPGHealthPlus.
    • Added better message when is overloaded.
    • Fixed a bug where the plugin shows "No premium player found" instead of the real error.
    • Changed the connection cooldown.
    • Removed unused code.
    • Changed version string to 11.1
    If you find any bug, please let me...
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  9. Fixed mistake & bug.

    What is changed ?
    • Fixed mistake where the skin is cleared twice.
    • Fixed skins on bungee ? Rly ? (Tested by me with lastest bungee)
    This should be stable build.
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  10. Yey, Fixes, Code cleanups.

    What is changed ?
    • Imporved Everything. It should be faster now.
    • Requires lastest BungeeCord to work fine (without warning errors).
    • Fixed some methods. Removed some fields that are useless.
    • Code cleanup
    • Improved Updater
    • Proobably fixed errors on startup. (if not, i will remove the colored updater messages).
    Thanks to BlackFire for helping me. He will probably become the second SkinsRestorer DEV. :D

    This update is marked as BETA. Use at...
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