SKPermissionsEx 0.5.0

A addon to skript to interact with PermissionsEx

  1. Demonkid1112
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    -- Depreciated --

    I do a lot of server development and many of the owners I work for love to use PermissionsEx, so instead of creating a new plugin each time I want to interact with PEX I decided to create a skript addon. Hopefully this will help shorten development time!

    This addon is and only will be focused on extending out PermissionsEx into skript. I do plan on, after this plugin is done, to do similar addons that only extend out a specific plugin or a small group of very similar plugins.

    if you want to see the needed features please visit the download site, and for the documentation I currently am hosting it off of Skript Hub Later on I will host off both skript hub and the skunity docs (but haven't had my addon approved yet)

    instructions on viewing the documentation for this plugin
    - go to here
    - scroll down on the left side till you see "Filter by Addon:" and click on it
    - Scroll down even more till you see "SKPermissionsEx" and enable it

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