SkQuery [1.9-1.14+] 4.1.1

An updated SkQuery fork.

  1. LimeGlass
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    w00tmaster, Gatt
    This build is based off Gatt's SkQuey edit in which he removed:
    • JSON messages
    • Scoreboard stuff
    • Particles
    • Change skin effect
    • Dead bossbar stuff
    • Removed all packet stuff
    • A lot of bug fixes
    • Made it work in versions 1.9-1.12+ (As tested)
    • Added tempo option to midi syntax
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      play midi %string% to %players% [at [tempo] %-number%]
    • Added play midi from web link syntax
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      play midi from [(web[site]|link)] %string% to %players% [at [tempo] %-number%]
    • Added stop for midi files
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      stop midi [id] %string%
    • Removed broken MySQL support (Might add my own methods later) You can use Skellett until then. Example and Example.
    • Added file existance condition file
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      [exist[(s|ance)] [at]] %string% or file %string% exists
    • Removed some files that were not used
    • Removed lores, Skript 2.3+ has lores now.
    • Fixed Yaml
    • Fixed getOnlinePlayers() crash
    • Fixed glowing itemtype
    • Fixed protocolib crash error
    • Fixed the permission manager
    • Fixed a bunch of null pointers
    • Fixed Time Relative not being able to be reset
    • Fixed fireworks
    • Fixed pop firework effect but removed clientside ability. New syntax:
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      (detonate|pop) %fireworkeffects% at %locations%
    • Added the ability to do multiple lamba evaluates. New syntax:
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      do [%-number% time[s]] %lambda%

    • Added former movement location. Uses the getFrom() in the on any movement that never existed.
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      ([the] (past|former) move[ment] [location]
    • Added settable relative option to the time relative syntax.
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      (relative|player) time of %player% [with relative %-boolean%]


      %player%'s (relative|player) time [with relative %-boolean%]
    • Fixed the where filter expression not working. (Throws some errors if the predicate contains an unknown expression/value. Looking into fixing that.)
    • Changed the any movement syntax from [on] any movement to [on] any move[ment]
    • Removed broken map support.
    • Removed the annoying startup message saying this is an unoffical build from Gatt's since it's not really needed.
    • Changed this syntax
      Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
      blocks within %location% (to|and) %location%
    • Added bStats metrics
    • Removed ProtocolLib as a dependency. Meaning these broken syntax don't exist anymore:
    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    make %players% see %blocks% as %itemtype% permanently
    restore updates to %blocks% for %offlineplayers%
    restore all updates
    But these syntax still work:

    Code (skript (Unknown Language)):
    make %players% see %block% as %itemtype%
    make %players% see lines of %block% as %string%, %string%, %string%[ and], %string%
    I am not the offical creator of this addon. This addon was made by w00tmaster the developer of SkQuery. All credit goes towards him. This is just a fork I made that allows SkQuery to work for versions 1.9+

    Please don't demand support for this build.


Recent Reviews

  1. Imziqi
    Version: 4.1.1
    i like this addon
    but its hard to just stop the midi, bc it only stops for the entire server but not for single player.
    Best to be like this:)

    stop midi [id] %string%

    to this

    stop midi [id] %string% to player
  2. XxrogerxX
    Version: 4.1.1
    Add 1.8 support please.
    Good fork of the SkQuery.

    ~MrUniverse44 | XxRogerxX
    (80 Characters)
  3. Lobuz21
    Version: 4.1.0
    Very excited for the future of this plugin. Talented and active developer :) <3.
  4. andy961111
    Version: 3.6.4
    Where's my ||? (add lores) don't work
    Plz Updates i need this...................
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      set {_item} to potato with lore "line1", "line2" and "line3"
  5. KleeSup
    Version: 3.6.2-Lime
    Cool, but please add Lores (the "||" for multilores) !!!
  6. Lupe
    Version: 3.6.1-Lime
    SkQuery is good but i really need 1.13. compability! Latest version makes server crash on 1.13.
    when SkQuery comes out for 1.13. I will give 5 stars.
    I am using Skript 2.3. alfa
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! [Skript] Severe Error:
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#!
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! Something went horribly wrong with Skript.
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! This issue is NOT your fault! You probably can't fix it yourself, either.
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! It looks like you are using some plugin(s) that alter how Skript works (addons).
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! Here is full list of them:
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! skUtilities ( SkQuery
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! We could not identify which of those are specially related, so this might also be Skript issue.
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! You should try disabling those plugins one by one, trying to find which one causes it.
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! If the error doesn't disappear even after disabling all listed plugins, it is probably Skript issue.
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! In that case, you will be given instruction on how should you report it.
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! On the other hand, if the error disappears when disabling some plugin, report it to author of that plugin.
    [19:50:28] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! Only if the author tells you to do so, report it as Skript issue (url below)
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      The error doesn't provide anything useful, you have to private message me the stacktrace section of the error...
  7. Miniller
    Version: 3.6.1-Lime
    Great ! I don't need to say anything but I need to write 80 characters so there we go! :'D
  8. RedPixelmc
    Version: 3.6.1-Lime
    Love this fork. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. pierrejuve12
    Version: 3.6.0-Lime
    Great addon ! But doesn't work properly with skript dev36. Can you please update soon ?
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Can you provide any errors or information of it not working? I use dev37c and it works fine.
  10. antoinech
    Version: 3.6.0-Lime
    I want to thank you for keeping this plugin up to date.

    I've a serious problem,
    I tested the latest version (SkQuery Lime 3.6.0) with Skript 2.2-dev36.
    Unfortunately, since the update to this version of the plugin, I can not use database features anymore. SkQuery can successfully connect to the database, but the console is spamed with errors when calling a database syntax. I searched everywhere on the internet to solve the problem and did a lot of testing, but I did not find anything.

    Here are the console logs:

    If you can help me, I will be delighted; and I'll put 5 stars to the plugin.
    Thank you in advance for your help

    PS: Sorry for my bed English, I'm french.