SkQuery [1.9-1.16+] 4.1.4

An updated SkQuery fork.

  1. Bug fixes + force sleep effect

    • Removed custom events, expressions, property expression, and functions. These features were experimental and you should be using Skript's built in functions over SkQuery's implementation.
    • Bandage patch for recipes throwing a deprecated warning. I would highly suggest using another addon that handles recipes better over SkQuery. I will not be remaking the recipe system in SkQuery at this time.
    • Added a new syntax to force sleeping at a bed location (make|force) %player% [to] sleep at %location%
    • Recoded the item projectile syntax
    • Item projectile syntax now allows for multiple entities to fire at the same time.
    • Adapted the item projectile system to use ItemType over ItemStack. This may improve correct aliases lookup in older versions of Skript and/or Minecraft versions.
    • Updated some libraries

    Please post bug reports at
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