SkQuery [1.9-1.16+] 4.1.4

An updated SkQuery fork.

  1. Bug fixes + force sleep effect

    • Removed custom events, expressions, property expression, and functions. These features were experimental and you should be using Skript's built in functions over SkQuery's implementation.
    • Bandage patch for recipes throwing a deprecated warning. I would highly suggest using another addon that handles recipes better over SkQuery. I will not be remaking the recipe system in SkQuery at this time.
    • Added a new syntax to force sleeping at a bed location (make|force) %player% [to]...
  2. Bug fixes

    - Fixed a bug where initialization of a class from some unknown library the user had, would cause SkQuery to not load. (#49 Thanks Qfrijters)
    - Fixed a bug where SkQuery was checking a nulled value about MySQL credentials. (#47 Thanks Creaous)

    Report bugs at
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  3. 4.1.2

    - Updated the midi player to have the new 1.14.2 noteblock sounds.
    - Fixed a bug on 1.12 that caused falling blocks to not work properly. (#25 Thanks Govindass)
    - Updated to 1.15.2.
    - Fixed some world border syntax, and also adjusted the stop midi effect to allow multiple entries.
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  4. Fix conflict with size of

    Fixed a conflict between size of %objects% of Skript and the new WorldBorder size expression.

    This is because Skript's accepts all objects, and that's not something that is friendly to other syntaxes. The new syntax is
    Code (Text):
    (size|diameter) of world[ ]border[s] %worldborders% [over [a [(time|period) of]] %-timespan%]
    Thanks aeonlamb (#16)
  5. SkQuery 4-pre1 and 4-pre2 additions

    Welcome to SkQuery 4.1, this is the complete SkQuery story, adding all elements from the SkQuery 4 (pre1 and pre2) (Except Advancements and Npcs (Ok it's hard to maintain NMS)).

    • Added the ability for Tab Completions to work regardless of their capitalization. (Thanks PanGargamel #12)
    • Added Expression to get characters at indices from strings:
      • Code (Text):
        char[acter][s] at [index] %numbers% (within|in)...
  6. Fixed bug in looping blocks of a cube

    Fixed bug in looping blocks of a cube
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  7. Bug fixes and removals

    • Removed fireworks, I added them to Vanila Skript. (Pop firework still exists though as that's reflection)
    • Removed BookOf expression, it generated a book by string, it was a dumb implementation. Books are in Vanila Skript now.
    • Removed SkQuery version expression, not needed.
    • Fixed Skript 2.3 color issues.
    Started experimental documentation

    SkQuery is now a Github organization, report bugs here...
  8. 1.13 update and Midi revamp

    • Midi is playing condition;
    Code (Text):
    midi [ids] %strings% (are|is) playing

    midi [ids] %strings% (are|is)(n't| not) playing
    • Location is within now accepts multiple locations;
    Code (Text):
    %locations% (is|are) within %location% (to|and) %location%

    %locations% (are|is)(n't| not) within %location% (to|and) %location%
    • Revamped the whole Midi system, made it sound better, use 1.12 sounds, and performance boost (Will default to 1.8...
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  9. Recode and .2.3 Skript

    This version of SkQuery has about 30% of it's code rewritten for better performance. This version has the removal of lore because it collided with vanilla Skript 2.3 versions as it has a lore now. This version is designed to only work with 2.3+ Skript builds.
  10. Code clean and client sign effect fix.

    It has been awhile since I posted an update for SkQuery, there hasn't been any issues with it, so there is no need to post an update.

    A user recently reported that the client sign effect doesn't work, so I fixed it and here is that version.

    I only have three plans for this fork at the moment.

    1.) Re-add all the stuff that was removed over the course of this and Gatt's fork.
    2.) Code clean
    3.) 1.13 support.

    I have done a bit of code clean in the whole system of registering and lots of...