Skrambler [Skript Obfuscator] 1.1-BETA

A Skript obfuscation addon

  1. _Donut_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Skrambler is an addon for Skript that allows you to obfuscate your scripts. Note that this obfuscator is largely experimental so be please patient with any bugs or issues. Please report any problems on the discussion tab, pm me, or contact me on discord.

    Outdated server and Skript versions will not be supported.

    Example script before obfuscation:
    Code (Text):
    on join:
        send "Welcome" to player
    After obfuscation:
    Code (Text):
    on jSoFiYnQQr:
        sTeKqnPddE "Welcome" tGorA pmflCBjaHOjylWzecwLrN

    How to obfuscate a script:

    To obfuscate a script simply use the command /obfuscate <script name> (/scramble is an alias for this command too) and the permission for it is skrambler.obfuscate. The obfuscated script will be saved in the same folder as the original script file and will have the same name except with a .skr extension.

    If you do not want a specific line in your script to be obfuscated, then suffix it with #skip.
    Code (Text):
    on join:
        send "Welcome" to player #skip
    If you want multiple lines to be skipped then you can use the following:
    Code (Text):
    on join:
        broadcast "1"
        broadcast "2"
        broadcast "3"
    In this example everything except the first two broadcast lines will be obfuscated.

    How to load an obfuscated script:

    Skrambler needs to be on the server but other than that, obfuscated scripts act in the same way as normal .sk files i.e. you can reload them with the /sk reload command and also Skrambler will automatically load all .skr files that are in the scripts folder when the server starts.


    • There are some things in scripts that cannot be obfuscating (e.g. aliases) so Skrambler tries to avoid them when obfuscating but there could be some cases where something that shouldn't be obfuscated is accidentally obfuscated
    • Skript-mirror cannot be used in obfuscated scripts (use #skip on lines that use skript-mirror)

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Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.1-BETA
    Good, but I need it for the Version 1.8.8.

    1. _Donut_
      Author's Response
      Sorry, outdated server and Skript versions will not be supported
  2. SirFazey
    Version: 1.0-BETA
    Very nice! Thanks for making something simple, and lightweight as this.

  3. Jeroeno_Boy
    Version: 1.0-BETA
    Miss a couple of things:

    A secret key to deobfuscate a skript, so the maker of the skript can redownload it and deobfuscate if he lost the skript