[Skript] 1.9 Golden Apples 1.3

Get ready for the new 1.9 apples!!!

  1. oflords
    You must have skript installed to use this plugin! You can download that here! http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/

    Non restart installation only works when you have Skript installed!

    In 15w37a (a 1.9 snapshot) mojang released nerfs to the god apple and golden apple. This little skript will make golden apples you eat have the effects like in this snapshot. This skript will suit factions or PvP servers that are going to make the transition to 1.9 and want to prepare players.

    ♢ Drag Skript.jar into your plugins folder
    ♢ Restart your server
    ♢ Put 1.9 Golden Apples.sk into plugins\Skript\scripts
    ♢ Type /skript reload all
    ♢ Enjoy!

    ♢ Replaces God Apple effects with:
    - Regeneration 2 (20 Seconds)
    - Absorption 4 (2 Minutes)
    - Resistance (5 Minutes)
    - Fire Resistance (5 Minutes)
    ♢ Replaces Golden Apple effects with:
    - Regeneration (5 Seconds)
    - Absorption (2 Minutes)
    ♢ All in game
    ♢ No restart to install

    ♢ ga.admin

    ♢ /ga enable - Enables 1.9 golden apples
    ♢ /ga disable - Disables 1.9 golden apples
    ♢ /ga noapples - Disables eating/crafting of golden apples
    ♢ /ga yesapples - Enables eating/crafting of golden appl

    Have any suggestions? Post them in the discussion and I'll see what I can do!

    Remember to leave a rating! ☆☆☆☆☆
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ninty
    Version: 1.3
    Nice work! Very useful and well-written script.
    Maybe use this to make some kind of custom golden-apple builder? Something simpler than this is pretty easy to do, but being able to do it in-game would be amazing.
  2. Chearful
    Version: 1.2
    It's average. Extremely basic too. Was gonna give it a 1 star but I thought I would be nice... Developer didn't even include an options section for noobs that do not know how to edit Skripts..
  3. FrogBarZ
    Version: 1.11
    great idea, I really appreciate your tiny but handful skript, I wish you could make more of small and very helpful skripts :) and glad to be a plugin soon!
    1. oflords
      Author's Response
      If you have any suggestions, PM me and I will do my best!