[Skript] 1.9 Golden Apples 1.3

Get ready for the new 1.9 apples!!!

  1. Enable/Disable

    Added new features:
    New commands
    - /ga enable - Enables 1.9 golden apples
    - /ga disable - Disables 1.9 golden apples
    - /ga noapples - Disables eating/crafting of golden apples
    - /ga yesapples - Enables eating/crafting of golden apples
  2. Added creative support!

    Just like in 1.9, now you can eat the new golden apples in creative!

    Known bug: No matter what apple you eat, it will remove the one in the first slot if you are in creative
  3. Bug Fix

    Fixed bug when you eat a normal golden apple it says both messages.

    Removed normal golden apple message (who eats them anyway?)
  4. Message on eat

    ♢ Added a message on eat of a golden or god apple!