[Skript] AdvancedArrows - Awesome donator perk! 1.1

Adds in awesome new arrows for you to use! [Skript]

  1. JackPlayzMC

    Advanced Arrows
    New arrows to use, experience, and r3k players with! Strike them with lightning! Ambush em! All done in SKRIPT here at AdvancedArrows!

    What is AdvancedArrows?

    AdvancedArrows is a skript created to change how players will use bows in combat. It adds in tons and tons of different types or arrows and even more to come! You might be asking, what do they do? Well each one has different effects such as freezing the enemy! So what are you waiting for? Download and use it today!

    • 8 different types of arrows each with special effects.
    • Super light-weighted, no lag at all.
    • Constant support and updates.
    • Always free!
    • Permissions, can be used for a donator perk.
    • Arrows merchant!!
    • Uses Skript.
    • "advancedarrows.merchant" - Allows the player to spawn and use the arrow merchant
    • "advancedarrows.<arrow type>" - Allows the use of that arrow.
    What Types of Arrows are There
    • Lightning
    • Freeze
    • Ambush
    • Death
    • Explosion
    • Scorpion
    • Fall
    • Ender

    What Does the Arrows Do
    • Lightning - Strikes lightning at the victim. - The sky rumbles as Zeus gets ready!
    • Freeze - Freezes the victim for 7 seconds. - Can't touch this!
    • Ambush - Teleports the attacker to the victim. #SneakAttack
    • Death - Deals 15 damage to the victim. - Owwwwwww!
    • Explosion - Explodes the victim. - KA'BOOM!
    • Scorpion - Grabs the victim to you. - GET OVER HERE!
    • Fall - Teleports the victim 5 blocks up. - MAH LEGS!!
    • Ender - Teleports you to the arrow. - #LikeAnEnderman
    • /arrowmerchant - Spawns an arrow mechant
    • /arrowmerch - Same thing as above ^
    1) Put "AdvancedArrows.sk" in ServerRoot/plugins/Skript/scripts
    2) Reload the server or do /Skript reload all
    3) Have fun!

    To-Do List​
    • More Arrows
    • Custom Effects
    • Particles
    • Loading Message
    • Maybe some custom bows and swords
    • Commands to give arrows
    • Administration panel
    • Configuration
    • Ability to disable/enable arrows
    • Test server
    • Pictures
    Found bugs or need support?

    Private message me or add me on skype @ jackplayzmc.pvp
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  1. Shane1199
    Version: 1.0
    This is a really cool plugin! I look forward to seeing how it'll grow, as it goes out of Alpha & Beta stages, and into Release. Thanks!
    1. JackPlayzMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much! It means a lot to me that someone like another Skript dev would respond and rate my project, especially if it's a 5 star rating! Thanks again! :)