[Skript] Block commands+ FirstJoin/Join/Quit messages with titles+sounds 1.0

Block commands of your choice and set FistJoin/Join/Quit messages

  1. maxlehot1234
    • Send title/actionbar/sound to the players;
    • Block any commands you want;
    • Edit sound easily;
    • Edit messages easily ;
    • First Join/ Join/ Quit messages;
    • Get your ping;
    • Broadcast a message to all online players;
    • Clear the chat;
    • Night Vision ON/OFF;
    • Count all players joined the server since this skript was installed;
    • More to come in the future. Put your suggestions in the discussion.

    Set permissions inside the .sk file.
    I put default permissions if you need them with a very small description:
    *Please note that you can edit them inside the .sk file

    • cmp.firstjoin (Test firstjoin message)
    • cmp.join (Test join message)
    • cmp.quit (Test quit message)
    • cmp.ptc (Test and use the PlayerTotalCount message)
    • cmp.ping (Use ping command)
    • cmp.clearchat (Use the clearchat command)
    • cmp.alert (Use the alert broadcast command)
    • cmp.nv (Use night vision command)
    • cmp.plugins (Used to block "pl/plugins/?" commands)
    • cmp.version (Used to block "ver/versions/about/me" commands)
    • cmp.bukkit (Use to block "bukkit:?/bukkit:help/bukkit:plugins" commands)
    • cmp.op (Used to block op command)

    Plugin needed to make this skript work:
    - Skript | http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/
    - SKRayFall | http://www.skunity.com/SkRayFall
    - Permission plugin (PEX, GroupManager, etc)

    1. First download SKRayFall and put it in your plugins folder
    2. Download the skript blockcmds.sk
    3. Put the custommessagepro.sk into skript folder: /plugins/Skript/script
    4. Restart the server to install SkRayFall and activate the CMP skript
    5. Enjoy the skript.

    Edit the skript file: (All informations explain in the .sk file)
    Each time you edit the skript, you need to save it before see changes in-game.
    1. Open the custommessagepro.sk file inside plugins/Skript/scripts
    2. Edit the file. Do it with precaution. One error can make the skript crashed
    3. Save the file
    4. Reload the skript: ./cmp reload ( You need cmp.reload)
    5. Test it. If you see errors in the console, check the error and fix it.









    Support ONLY in discussion thread

    Leave a good review if you like this. It help me to develop more skript for you or add new things on them ;)

    Please note that by buying this plugin you agree to the following!
    1 - You can edit the skript code, but credit me, not yourself
    2 - Im not obligated to do updates, but that doesn't mean i wont do updates

    3 - I reserve the right to change the ToS at any time without notice.
    4- Do not post bad reviews if you find a bug or if you doesn't understand the file

    To finish, I am sorry for my mistakes, I am French, but I do my best to support you. Thanks again

Recent Reviews

  1. kittens643
    Version: 1.0
    Je adore le skript!
    Helped me improve my skript! Nice and properly labeled, which provides user some understanding of your skript.

    (I'm not fluent in French, please don't provide a response in French XD)
  2. PandaShadowz
    Version: 1.0
    Really love it <3
    1. maxlehot1234
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much ;) It is very appreciated ;)
      The Spigot staff refused it as Premium resource, so i put it for free...

      Thanks for the very good review. If you have an idea to make this skript better, do not hesitate to use the discussion thread