Skript BlockedCmds 1.0

Blocks /bukkit:help /bukkit:plugins /bukkit:? & More!

  1. deathcaptain
    To Install:
    download Winrar

    First put the skript plugin in your plugins folder.
    Second put the skript directory file in your plugins folder.
    third put the in directory Skripts>Scripts
    then restart your server Do Not /Reload
    upon installing you can do /skript reload all
    Enjoy a secure server!

    List Of Commands Blocked:
    /bukkit: plugins <--- Without the space it didn't like /bukkit:plugins haha

    Check Out:!

Recent Reviews

  1. YosheeHarper
    Version: 1.0
    Works Great. Now I don't have to worry about the permission nodes for these. :) Now. To fill up the 100 character min.