[Skript] ChestEvents /kaufen command all Configuration 2015-09-15


  1. tommy14lp
    tommy14lp & MinerPvPHD
    Here you can download it brings you with chest events myscript! ready for you to configure! you can change everything! (message), and you can write in your own fantasy!

    Required (script) Addons: SkQuery + script

    Enjoy problems! Login via PN! MFG tommy14lp

Recent Reviews

  1. Rezz
    Version: 2015-09-15
    A zero effort script that doesn't do anything. It's trying to be passed off as "entirely configuration", but that defeats the purpose of a script... Why would anyone need to download this? Anybody with minimal knowledge with Skript can do all of this on their own.
    1. tommy14lp
      Author's Response
      It will also come Updates! with more Feature

      as zumbeispiel / buy the man then gets deducted money!
      or the man can buy things like fly or so!