[Skript] Color Chat 0.1

Allow players to talk in color!

  1. ajgeiss0702
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Welcome to my newest plugin, colorchat
    There is only the help command: /colorchat (or /cc for short)

    To chat in color, just type & before a number 1-9 or letter a-f!

    You can find an updated version of Skript here!

    Post suggestions/bugs in the discussions page.

    Sorry for the lack of this page being awesome, I am very rusty.
    The help screen
    Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.17.49 AM.png

    Color chat
    Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.39.10 AM.png

Recent Reviews

  1. editid1
    Version: 0.1
    An absolutely fabulous Skript, even works in 1.15.2, I am very thankful, so are all my other 0 players!
  2. SkriptingPanda
    Version: 0.1
    this is amazing! i can now say skript is better than essentials in every way and this also works in 1.15.2
  3. EricDasBrot
    Version: 0.1
    Very good!