[Skript] Control or Toggle Attributes, Events, Triggers for In-Game Customization 2.2

Able to toggle many different aspects in the game like PVP, or Player Damage with commands!

  1. Technologic360
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Have you never wanted to be able to toggle certain attributes on and off like player damage, player vs. player, or even entity vs. player? This skript-in-delevopment can do it for you! All you have to do is these simple commands and it can toggle:
    • Player Damage [A.K.A. Player Damage All] (PDA)
    • Entity Damage [A.K.A. Entity Damage All] (EDA)
    • Player vs. Player (PvP)
    • Entity vs. Player (EvP)
    • Player vs. Entity (PvE)
    • Entity vs. Entity (EvE)
    • Explosion Damage (ED)
    • Fall Damage (FD)
    • Block Placement (BP)
    • Block Break (BB)
    • Item Drop (ID)
    • Item Pickup (IP)
    • Hunger (H)
    • Suffocation Damage (SD)
    • Natural Regeneration (NR)
    The way the command works is:
    /e <event/variable> <enable/disable>

    So if you were to enable PvP, you would use:

    /e pvp enable
    (or you can write /e pvp e)
    To disable PvP, you would type:

    /e pvp disable
    (or you can write /e pvp d)

    Here is the full list of commands and stuff:
    /e player_damage_all enable (This was changed from damage_all to player_damage_all)
    /e player_damage_all disable

    /e natural_regeneration enable
    /e natural_regeneration disable

    /e entity_damage_all enable
    /e entity_damage_all disable

    /e pvp enable
    /e pvp disable

    /e evp enable
    /e evp disable

    /e pve enable
    /e pve disable

    /e eve enable
    /e eve disable

    /e fall_damage enable
    /e fall_damage disable

    /e explosion_damage enable
    /e explosion_damage disable

    /e suffocation_damage enable
    /e suffocation_damage disable

    /e block_placement enable
    /e block_placement disable

    /e block_break enable
    /e block_break disable

    /e item_drop enable
    /e item_drop disable

    /e item_pickup enable
    /e item_pickup disable

    /e hunger enable
    /e hunger disable
    Here is the simplified version, or the commands with abbreviations:
    /e pvp e
    /e pvp d

    /e evp e
    /e evp d

    /e pve e
    /e pve d

    /e pda e
    /e pda d

    /e fd e
    /e fd d

    /e bp e
    /e bp d

    /e bb e
    /e bb d

    /e id e
    /e id d

    /e ip e
    /e ip d

    /e eda e
    /e eda d

    /e h e
    /e h d

    /e eve e
    /e eve d

    /e ed e
    /e ed d

    /e nr e
    /e nr d

    /e sd e
    /e sd d



    Other Important Commands:

    /e check

    This command lists each variable/trigger and tells you weather it's on or off.

    /e toggle_all on
    Toggles all attributes on

    /e toggle_all off
    Toggles all attributes off

    WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 2.2 (and 2.0.1):
    • 2.2
      • Shortened /e check all to /e check
      • Changed permissions from whatever it was to attribute.toggle
      • Added a /e toggle_all on to toggle all attributes on
      • Added a /e toggle_all off to toggle all attributes off
      • Added /e help which displays help commands.
    • 2.0.1
      • Fixed bug wherein a skript error would uncancel an event
    • 2.1
      • New Attributes: Suffocation Damage (SD), Natural Regeneration (NR)
      • Lessened the delay between listing of "/e check all"

    Many updates of the skript will be coming (maybe every five days I will be adding a few more variables), make sure you check frequently to see the new stuff, and check Github for changes! Also, I'll make this general webpage look better!

    Known Bugs to Fix:
    • Problem where Entity Damage All does not work.

    Coming Soon... in VERSION 3
    • Command to make all attribute toggles silent
    • Completely re-made help command
    • Almost complete re-coding of the main components of the command
    • LOTS MORE!!

    • 25:)
    • 50:)
    • 75
    • 100
    • 150
    • 200
    • 300
    • 1,000,000,000,000,000 (better start downloading!)
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  1. TheRacer88888
    Version: 2.1
    This is a default skript, also its nota big thing but 4 stars because i never see any else make this
    1. Technologic360
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure what you mean by a "default skript," but thanks for the positive feedback!
  2. DerEyve
    Version: 2.0
    Very Good and useful Skript!!

    100 Words
    1. Technologic360
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much!