[Skript] Control or Toggle Attributes, Events, Triggers for In-Game Customization 2.2

Able to toggle many different aspects in the game like PVP, or Player Damage with commands!

  1. Added Toggle All+/e help+/e check

    Hello Everyone!

    We have an awesome new update coming our way!

    • Shortened /e check all to /e check (/e c)
    • Changed permissions from whatever it was to attribute.toggle
    • Added a /e toggle_all on to toggle all attributes on
    • Added a /e toggle_all off to toggle all attributes off
    • Added /e help which displays help commands.
    Hope you love it!!
    Any question/concerns/issues may be directed...
  2. Two New Attributes+Lowered Delay Between Listing of Attributes in "/e check all"

    Okay guys, here's the changes!
    • 2.1
      • New Attributes: Suffocation Damage (SD), Natural Regeneration (NR)
      • Lessened the delay between listing of "/e check all"
  3. Hotfix With Block Break Error

    Oops guys, I was playing with this plugin and accidentally broke the Block_Break (BB) thing. It's fixed now. Sorry again!

  4. HUGE UPDATE: Admin Override Mode, More Attributes to Toggle, and MUCH MORE!

    Hey Guys,

    In the newest version there's a lot of new stuff:
    The new Attributes:
    • Explosion Damage (ED)
    • Hunger (H)
    • Entity vs. Entity (EvE)
    • Entity Damage [Entity_Damage_All] (EDA)
    • Changed attribute damage_all to player_damage_all
    Other Stuff:
    • Added "/e admin/override on/off" this epic new command allows the admins of the server to bypass negative attributes or the ones that...