[Skript] CrucialCore 1.0

All that's crucial, in one crucial Skript!

  1. CrucialAddon
    A Crucial Skript for all Servers
    Inspired By Essentials
    • Healing
    • Gamemode change
    • Flight
    • Set Spawns & Homes w/ an amazing confirmation system
    • Clear entities
    • Auto Updater

    CrucialCore provides the user with most, if not all the commands crucial to any server! This Skript will be updated frequently, as it is my first released Skript! I've implemented a deletion confirmation system which makes the user verify if they indeed want to delete their spawn or home. Never accidentally delete your home again!

    To-Do List:
    • Add permissions to commands - Expect ASAP
    • Add more crucial commands - Expect more daily
    • More customization in the "options" section
    • More!
    - SkQuery
    - WildSkript


    Note that you will not have to take the time to check Spigot for updates on this Skript, as I implemented an Auto-Update event. I give all users permission to take my code and use it for their own use. Please do not copy my code and claim it as your own unless I give you permission to do so. Please report bugs to continue the creation of a flawless Crucial Skript.

    For support, help, and more, join our Skype Support Group: https://join.skype.com/tcTMp7fjoD0w

Recent Reviews

  1. Decalers
    Version: 1.0
    Add more features, and you could completely create essentials from Skript. Infidelity a really useful script, keep up the good work. Hope this script gets updated regularly with more features.
    1. CrucialAddon
      Author's Response
      Indeed it will, I've simply been working on other Skripts!