[Skript] Fake plugins 0.4

Make it look like you have difrent plugins that you actually do!

  1. ajgeiss0702
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.12
    IhToN; Helped make the setup simpler

    I want to make an update for this plugin, but I don't have any ideas. Please put ideas in the disscussions tab.

    (I drew that picture, so sorry if you think its bad)​
    This plugin will make it look like you have diffrent plugins that you really have!

    Hope you enjoy!

    If you want to see the real plugins, do the /plugins command from the console, or enable permission bypassing and give the permission to the people who you want to be able to see the real plugins


    fakepl.realsee If enabled in the config, will allow you to see the real plugins!

    How to install:
    Put it in the scripts fiolder of Skript
    You can find an updated version of Skript here

    Code (Text):
    #The plugins you want to make it look like you have.
    #You must put &f before commas, and &a before names, in order for it to look real
        fake-plugins : &aAstroCore&f,&a AstroChat&f, &aAstroPerms&f, &aAstroBuild
    #if permission bypassing is enabled
    #anything other than enable will disable it
        permissionbypass-enabled : disable
    #the permission, if enabled.
        permission : fakepl.realsee


    Me elsewhere:

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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed code
  2. Removed a config option.
  3. Added changeable permissions

Recent Reviews

  1. Moderocky
    Version: 0.4
    This skript takes a ver roundabout path to achieve a very simple end. It could be done much more simply.
  2. EvolvedGalaxy1
    Version: 0.1
    Very handy also what if ops want to see it?
    1. ajgeiss0702