[Skript] FakePlayers 2015-02-21

fakejoin, fakeleave, fakechat, fakeop

  1. Fantasy2001
    This is not a plugin, but this is a Skript.

    All settings (chat prefix, join message and quit message) can be changed in the .sk file

    */Commands and Permissions/*

    - /join <name of fakeplayer>
    Run a broadcast with a fake join message
    Permission: fantasy.fakeplayers

    - /quit <name of fakeplayer>
    Run a broadcast with a fake leave message
    Permission: fantasy.fakeplayers

    - /chat <message>
    Permission: fantasy.fakeplayers
    /join Fantasy2001
    /chat Hello friends!
    The fakeplayer Fantasy2001 write in chat: Hello friends!

    - /bc <message>
    Send a broadcast (similar to the /broadcast command of essentials plugin)
    Permission: fantasy.bcast

    Download Skript plugin HERE
    Put Skript.jar in the plugins folder
    Start and stop the server
    Enter in the Skript folder
    Enter in the scripts folder
    Put FakePkayers.sk in the scripts folder
    Enjoy c:

Recent Reviews

  1. syrusxd
    Version: 2015-02-21
    Don't put this under the category "Bukkit" if it is not a plugin. Put this under the category "Skript" instead!
  2. it_twit
    Version: 2015-02-21
    Awesome yet simple. Also quick and easy to use. When using it there is no lag at all compared to a plugin that could do the same sort of thing.
    1. Fantasy2001
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  3. LelixSuper
    Version: 2015-02-21
    This is not a plug-in, is something much slower. Not recommend it just because slow and useless, since there are other plugins that replace very easily.
    1. Fantasy2001
      Author's Response
      You're absolutely right. Everyone is free to do what he wants.