[Skript] Faster gamemode switcher with permissions 1.2

easily give out spectate mode to people you trust

  1. Aramanth
    So many of you may know the trouble of existing plugins not being updated to 1.8
    many of us use useful plugins like essentials to give us the tools we need
    but some of those tools are missing
    on many occasion i have needed to give spectate mode to players who i can trust with it, but not give them /gamemode command, because then they have all the modes, like creative

    i have made this script to quickly change gamemode, for example "/3" is spectate and "/1" is creative
    the permissions are easy
    skript.gamemode.3 = gives that player access to that command
    skript.gamemode.3.others gives them the power to affect others with it

    pick your own command, pick your own message prefix

    SurvivalGamemodeCommand : "/0"
    CreativeGamemodeCommand : "/1"
    AdventureGamemodeCommand : "/2"
    SpectateGamemodeCommand : "/3"
    MessagePrefix : &7[&6Skript&7]&r

Recent Updates

  1. bugfix, another typo
  2. bugfix: speechmarks

Recent Reviews

  1. CHOMPIN_02
    Version: 1.2
    This is a a sorta simple skript. You should add custom messages to the options. Also, you should try and fix this thread with better grammar as it looks a bit unprofessional.
  2. Chearful
    Version: 1.1
    No real point in this, but looks somewhat complicated, skript wise.
    1. Aramanth
      Author's Response
      i have fully explained the point in this, it's made to be versatile, if you see a need for another feature in this concept, be sure to say!