[Skript] [Free] Anti Threat 1.4

Stops Users threatening to DDoS the Server

  1. MPF
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    So we have all been there as a server Owner Users Say "I'm going to DDos the server"

    This Skript stops this By Auto Banning the User who said it. So why risk getting DDos

    I do not have enough trust In helps myself to have the /ban command and User treating to DDos the server is a serious matter thats why I created this script. This Skript knows different ways of typing Ddos EG: "dox"

    • Add custom Ban message (uses Essentials)
    • It is Free
    • Light Weight
    • No Permissions Message
    • Does not show the message to other user In chat
    • Has /antithreat In game command To show Info about the Script
    • It will now ban Users Endless they say "Im" and "DDos" and "going" in the same chat message. I can Always change this if you just tell me
    Permissions- anti.info (to view the info about the Script)


    This requires Script plugin off bukkit so Download the plugin off there and drop instal it then go into the fold it generated and drop this in your script folder.

    This skript Does not completely wipe out users saying "I'm going to DDos the server" It is there to just deal with most of the threats.

    -You Shall Not Claim this as your own work
    -You Shall not sell it
    -You May Modify it but not redistribute it to any one else
    -I do not have to update this skript (But does not mean I won't)
    -Please do not tell me about bugs in the review tell it on the forums page

    This is My first Script so Please be nice

    Have a suggest please fell free to tell me
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  1. A little update
  2. "Gonna"
  3. No Permissions Message Added

Recent Reviews

  1. Nonopichy
    Version: 1.4
    +140 lines, to do this with less than 20 lines:
    on chat:
    if "%message%" is "Im going to DDos the server" or "Water" or ":v":
    cancel event
    make console execute command "/@{BanType} %player% @{BanMessage}"
  2. GiraffeCubed
    Version: 1.4
    Banned by <none>?

    Also, I joined and said "I'm going to DDos the server", it was unrecognized because I used an apostrophe in the word "I'm".
    I assume the same would occur if I had said something like "gonna".
    You should work on making it catch some more variations.

    Otherwise, it did seem to do the job. It won't stop a legitimate DDoSer, but it'll hopefully scare off the kids who think it'd be fun to try.