[Skript] [Free] Night Vision 1.3

Get Night Vision with a simple command

  1. MPF
    I made this Because When I was making something I needed night vision and I had trouble finding it in creative.

    So now it is easy with a simple command

    So now you can have this skript too. Yay

    • Do not lose Night Vision when you die
    • Do not Lose Night vision when you drink milk
    • Do not Lose Night Vision when you use command /heal
    • Simple
    • FreeEasy to useOne Command
    • Easy to use
    • One Command
    • No Perms Message
    • 1 permission
    • Light weight
    • Much easier than getting out of creative
    • Has messages so you know when it is on and off
    Commands and Permissions

    - /nv (this Toggle your Night Vision) <nv.use>
    - /nv help (for help) <nv.use>

    Planned Features:
    • Give other players night vision
    • (Any thing you want to be added)


    This is a skript not a Plugin

    This requires Script plugin off bukkit so Download the plugin off there and drop instal it then go into the fold it generated and drop this in your script folder.

    This is my second Script :p

    Please Tell me what to add next

    *I Cannot make Plugins Only Scripts