[Skript] GappleDrop 1.0

Drops a gapple on victim's death.

  1. Vaxlat
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    Hey, this plugins is really simple, it's a replacer for the plugin GappleDrop but just in Skript.
    So it's basically on death of victim, a golden apple will drop on the victim's death area, when picked up, it gives you regeneration 4 for 3 seconds, after picking up the golden apple, waits 1 tick, and removes the golden apple from the player's inventory.
    Cheers :)
    If you do not have Skript and you are interested, here is the link to download it.
    1. Add Skript to your server.
    2. Go to your Skript folder in your plugins folder.
    3. Click on scripts folder in the folder.
    4. Drag the .sk file in the scripts folder.
    5. Either reload your server or type /skript reload <Name of .sk File>