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[Skript] GUI/Menu Plugin [1.8] 1.0

A plugin that you can make your own Menu/GUI!

  1. SrFox3999_YT
    You can make your own Menus/GUIS with an own command in plugin/Skript/script/Menu.sk

    menu.use - Open the Menu/GUI

    /menu - Open the TelePort Menu
    /vip - Open the VIP menu (Shop)
    /info - Open the Info Menu

    (You can make your own Menus/GUIS with an own command in plugin/Skript/script/Menu.sk)

    Follow the steps below:
    1. Download the JAR file on this page​
    2. Put it inside your servers plugin folder​
    3. Restart(or reload) your server​
    4. Done!​

    This plugin depens on:​
    • Skript(can be found here)​
    • SkQuery(can be found here)​
    • WildSkrip(can be found here)​

Recent Reviews

  1. InvadedLands
    Version: 1.0
    spamming the server with addons (which btw i think i've installed enough) isnt gonna solve my problem. anyways, most of these addons display console errors and therefore

    its a great plugin for whoever wants to, but if you're like me- i do not recommend it
  2. JotaDevMC
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin man, I love it.
    I think I'll buy all of your premium resources, I love them too xD.

    Carry on working guy :D
  3. vbooom
    Version: 1.0
    i tried running this plugin but it kept lagging out my server, fix please. im running 1.10. it's not working. why do none of your plugins work????