[Skript] HCF Diamond Broadcast 1.1

Broadcasts if a player found diamonds without spam!

  1. CrucialAddon
    HCF Diamond Broadcast
    Broadcasts if a player found diamonds without spam!
    Inspired By HCF​
    • Broacasts when a player finds diamonds
    • No spam
    • Lots of customization
    • No commands
    • Easy to use
    • diabroadcast.broadcast - Enables the broadcast for that user/group

    Broadcasts when a player finds diamonds without the typical chat spam!


    To customize the messages and permissions visit the "options" section in the .sk file!

    To-Do List:

    I give all users permission to take my code and use it for their own use. Please do not copy my code and claim it as your own unless I give you permission to do so. Please report bugs to continue the development of this amazing Skript!

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  1. [Skript] HCF Diamond Broadcast

Recent Reviews

  1. Christopher273
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent skript but could you make it so it shows how many diamonds they mined in that interval of 30 seconds?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Omega90435
    Version: 1.1
    This works great! but there is one problem, when a player breaks a diamond ore, it broadcasts to all the servers and to everyone. I put in the permissions but it still happens. Is there a way to fix this?
    1. CrucialAddon
      Author's Response
      It is supposed to broadcast the message to everyone on your server unless the player has the permission, if you have any more questions, please ask them in the "discussion" section!
  3. Dizzeh
    Version: 1.1
    Great Skript. I do have a question though..What is your skype i would gladly help you out with some more HCF skripts..As im very interested in HCF. I've already created a Xray-Alert skript so just hmu :)
    1. CrucialAddon
      Author's Response
      My skype is lukenrip, and thank you for the kind words!
  4. Aristidee
    Version: 1.0
    It's a very good plugin, it works very well!
    But I think you could improve a little more options of this plugins or add:)
    1. CrucialAddon
      Author's Response
      Could you please explain to me what I should add in the Discussion area of this page? Thank you for the review!