[ Skript ] Hopper Filter 1.0

#minecraft #hopper #Filter

  1. OverN-
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This is a skript that allows only the items set in the installed hopper to enter.

    If you just place it, anything will go in, but if you click Shift+Left, the filter GUI of the hopper will open.

    When you insert an item into the GUI, only the item is put into the hopper.

    Recommended Server : Mine Farm

    Required Addon: Skellett, mirror

    Development Version : 1.12.2
    Skript Version : 2.2 Dev

    Copyright 2020. 겜돌이(Over_N). all rights reserved

    if you report the bug, I'll fix it.
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