[SKRIPT] HP Core 1.0.4(Skript Fix)

A HP core by KnuffelBeestje | REMASTERED RELEASED

  1. Easier setup | Fixed config errors

  2. Announcement Update!

    No new features at the moment!

    This is just an announcement about my new quick install skript.
    This skript allows you to install HP Core without any worries.
    All of this is automated and can be downloaded here.

    I want to celebrate my 3K downloads milestone by this, THANKS for all YOUR support!

    Love you all!!!
  3. Added whitelist system

    +Added custom whitelist system

    Do you already have HP core installed?
    Use "/hypixel update" to auto-update it.

    Also, I found out that the scoreboard may break if you try to use this in a 1.13 server.
    I recommend you to ONLY use this on 1.12 - 1.12.2

    I will only provide support for the versions that are stated in "Tested Minecraft Versions"
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  4. /hypixel reload | Added

    /hypixel reload has been added.

    You can use the auto-updater: "/hypixel update"
  5. BugFix update

    - Fixed ban completion to ban duration
    - Fixed /setrank <username> player
    - Fixed unban messages
    - Fixed dust /dust view

    Use the auto-updater : "/hypixel update"
  6. HP Core Remastered | V1.0

    Hello everybody!

    This is the official release for the v1.0 remastered edition.
    This includes alot, please visit the home page for more details.
    We also introduced an autoupdater and a stable update checker.
    You can disable these or enable in the config file that is also introduced.
    Update commands are enabled by default.

    It's not really an autoupdater, you still need to confirm an update before it's getting downloaded and installed on your server.

    More updates for more features will...
  7. Last beta version before a FULL remake | 1.13 support | Spoiler for 1.0 update

    This will be the last update for the BETA of HP Core.
    After this update, we will be working on a FULL remake for 1.0
    You can try it but some things may brake.


    Changelog for this version:
    -Some bugs are fixed; not much

    A small spoiler for the 1.0 update.
    Here are some features that will be added / upgraded
    [] = completion
    -AutoUpdater (Manually using the update command) [100%]
    -Special error codes. [0%]
    -All the hypixel ranks (Including discontinued...
  8. 0.9.0 (COMING SOON?!)

    Yes, this resource didn't got updated in a LOOOOOONG time.

    We are coming closer to 1.0 and it will be awesome!

    I started making another full remake that will be online in a couple of weeks.
    We made the skript more professional and included an autoupdater.

    (If you don't want the autoupdater, there is a config file where you can enable / disable this feature)

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  9. Removed Encryption

    Skript didn't work.
  10. BugFixes / New Features | V0.6.1

    -BugFixed some commands
    -Added Damage Toggle and reload in /hpconfig
    -Made hpisnotworking skript! (You can use it when the HP core skript isn't working or enabling)
    -Change Watchdog commands to the following
    /wdd <player> | Watchdog Decline
    /wda <player> | Watchdog accept
    -Added Donation Link on our page.