Skript Hub [Skript] 1.3.1

A skript that meets all your hub needs!

  1. RoyalBiskit
    A simple yet powerful hub!

    Defaults: Jump boost, speed boost, and vanish players off on first join, anti-lightning, explosion, and inventory click off, anti-hunger, drop, and damage on. Once chosen, your preferences stay forever until changed.
    Infinite jump boost
    Infinite speed boost
    Toggle for boosts
    Anti-Damage (with toggle)
    Anti-Drop (with toggle)
    Anti-Inventory click (with toggle)
    Always clear weather
    Always daytime
    Infinite food (with toggle)
    Anti-Explosion (with toggle)
    Anti-lightning (with toggle)
    Spawn command
    Vanish command

    /skripthub - skripthub.admin (for admin stuff)
    /speedboost - skripthub.speedboost
    /jumpboost - skripthub.jumpboost
    /speedboost <name> - skripthub.speedboost.others
    /jumpboost <name> - skripthub.jumpboost.others
    -/spawn - skripthub.spawn
    -/setspawn - skripthub.setspawn
    -/boosts (gui that uses jump and speed boost permissions)
    -/skripthub admingui (cool gui for admins to use with same admin permission)
    skripthub.drop - Bypass drop protection - Bypass click protection
    Open the file in your downloads folder with a file editor. On windows, a neat file editor example is Notepad++. From Here you can change your prefix with your server name, the time you want it to be, and your world name.
    To install it, upload the file to the scripts folder in /plugins/Skript/scripts.

    Any Suggestions?

Recent Reviews

  1. Unlegit_Denis
    Version: 1.3.1
    The script has some pictures/screenshots/videos (presentation of the script): 0/1
    The script has no problem/bug: 1/1
    The presentation of the script has the information you need (addons, authorizations, orders ...): 1/1
    The script is original: 0.5/1
    The script is useful: 1/1 (depending on which server)

    Overall: 3.5/5 = 4
  2. DampfWaffel
    Version: 1.3.1
    I like the Skript and the GUI
    The Skript is good for Lobbys and the Effects are very helpful in BIG Hubs.
  3. ImOffline
    Version: 1.3.1
    Not agree with Chearful. It's good for first time skripting. Look at his skript, they are too simple and using bad ways to do...
    1. RoyalBiskit
      Author's Response
      Thanks, is there anything you want to address since you put 3 stars?
  4. Wintermuted
    Version: 1.1
    Same with Chearful, test before you upload. Add a variables section and remove all the errors i can see just by looking
    1. RoyalBiskit
      Author's Response
      Sorry I realized I could fix up a few things thank you for telling me.
  5. Chearful
    Version: 1.1
    Extremely basic. You have multiple 'Every 20 ticks' events when you could combine them all. Your jump boost toggles require you to relog in order for it to change. 'do nothing' There is no addon that does this. Actually test this before you upload. And you have no variables section meaning variables don't get set when they are created.
    1. RoyalBiskit
      Author's Response
      Sorry, this is my first skript, I will try to do what you ask. Also about the do nothing, I don't even know what I was thinking. I changed it.